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Why You Should Insure Your Maid in Saudi Arabia

If you have hired home help, there are strong financial reasons to obtain insurance for them.

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17 July 2017

Last updated on 17 July 2017
Why You Should Insure Your Maid in Saudi Arabia

Many expats in Saudi Arabia have the luxury of being able to hire domestic workers to help them around the house. While expats sponsoring a maid tend to cover their hiring costs, health and home insurance are usually not taken into account. This can end up costing you a significant amount of money in the future.

You might have made a budget that included the salary, flights, visa, accommodation and living expenses, but neglected to add insurance to your cost analysis. Here’s why that’s a mistake…

Health insurance

If your maid ever gets seriously sick, you’ll end up having to cover her hospital bills, which can be very costly.

Additionally, having health insurance can also be preventative and ensure that she’s always physically able to efficiently do her work. If she can’t perform her job after you have spent a decent amount of money to hire her, your money will just be lost.

Home insurance

Regardless of having a maid, home insurance is important to protect your home and money from theft or damaging incidents. However, when you do have a maid, it’s always good to have a policy which covers you in the case that your maid is injured while working in your home.

There are several insurance policies that will cover maids against accidents up to a certain amount of money as well as cover them if they get injured. This is usually an additional feature of insurance policies, but well worth it to have so you’re not liable for losses or costs if anything happens.

Additionally, having this type of coverage will help you minimise other risks, including your maid stealing from you or running away.

Your maid is an important part of your household and protecting them and their wellbeing should be seen as a priority. At the same time, you are protecting yourself as well, so it benefits both sides.