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19 New KSA Heritage Sites Have Been Added To Antiquities Register

New historic sites have been discovered dating to the pre-Islamic era

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26 November 2018

Last updated on 26 November 2018

A moment of history was made and discovered on Sunday

As Saudi Arabia found and added 19 new heritage sites to the International antiquities register.

The newly discovered archeological sites date back to the pre-Islamic eras and were found in three key provinces in Saudi Arabia:

  • Bisha
  • Tathlith
  • Balqarn

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) is the governmental group responsible for this historic moment as they record more and more historic discoveries this year.

Just in 2018, the number of sites listed in Bisha have increased to 214 in the National Antiquities Register.

Several structures were found on the sites, including ones made up of stone and clay – archealogists also noted that they can sometimes be multi-floored and have windows.

Saudi’s Commission for Tourism and National Heritage aims to register all heritage and archealogical sites with the heritage list to develop and preserve these key national sites in the country.

31 recorded site in May

The SCTH also recorded an impressive number of recorded heritage sites in May – adding 32 new archeological findings to the national list.

The total number of registered sites in Saudi Arabia alone was recorded to be close to 8,225 heritage sites.

In May, the new ones were added from the regions of:

  • 3 from Tabuk region
  • 2 from Asir region
  • 1 from Nariyah city
  • 1 from Yanbu city

Tourism in Saudi Arabia

One of the main reasons for the preservation of these heritage sites is to increase tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It also aims to decrease the country’s reliance on oil revenue and change the revenue stream for tourism instead – in a bid to bring more international tourism as well as to keep Saudis entertained within the Kingdom without the need to travel abroad for holidays.

This is all part of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision to increase entertainment and tourism in the Kingdom.