Bereavement in Saudi Arabia |

Bereavement in Saudi Arabia

We have all the necessary details for dealing with a bereavements in Saudi Arabia.

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26 September 2013

Last updated on 17 July 2017
Bereavement in Saudi Arabia

The death of a family member is hard to deal with emotionally but when you are an expatriate in Saudi Arabia you will also have to follow the procedures of dealing with the death of a family member. We have some guidelines in the case of a death in the Kingdom.

The first thing that expatriates should be aware of is that a non-Muslim may not be buried or cremated in the Kingdom and the body must be sent back to the home country. Muslim expatriates can choose whether they will hold the funeral in Saudi Arabia or whether they will fly the body back to the home country for burial.

To obtain Death Certificate, the following must be submitted:

1. Death Report by the relevant hospital certified and signed by the hospital director if the death is normal, or a letter from relevant authorities.
2. The deceased's passport and Residence Permit (Iqama) and copies of both.
3. The Death Certificate must be handed over to the deceased's legal representative after taking the necessary measures.
4. Police report (for unnatural death)
5. The specified # (87)-application form duly filled.

You will obtain it form the ministry of interior

Before you go there, you will need the original death report from hospital, local police station paper addressed to the ministry of interior civil department (Ahwal), passport and Iqama copy of the deceased, death report from consulate of the deceased person's country, Iqama copy of the person receiving the death certificate.
Also, as a precautionary measure, keep a copy of all the documents related to the deceased death, (such as hospital, police and burial documents etc.)

Once you submit the above to MOI (Ahwal), they will issue the death certificate, it will be a rectangular green paper which will be stamped and signed by the Manager at the MOI.

American Citizen's Death Case Formalities

Repatriating a Deceased U.S. Citizen from Saudi Arabia
When an American citizen dies in Saudi Arabia, the employer (or sponsor) is responsible for handling the administrative arrangements on behalf of the next of kin. To facilitate the repatriation of the remains, which is required for non-Muslims, the sponsor will need to obtain all the appropriate documentation required by the Saudi authorities and airlines.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Upon receipt of police permission, the hospital will transport the remains to the morgue at Dammam Central Hospital.
2. The police will provide the sponsor with 5 envelopes addressed to the morgue, the Jawazat Passport Office for the exit visa, the airport cargo office and the Saudi Customs Office.

The sponsor will then:

3. Obtain from the hospital the Death Notification and pass it to the police to endorse it to the Ministry of Health and issue the primary death report.
4. Obtain A Report of Death issued by the Saudi Ministry of Health and a Saudi Death Certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior, Civil Status Department.
5. Coordinate with a travel agency for travel arrangements to make reservations and arrangements to transport the remains.
6. Obtain the final exit visa for the remains from the passport office.
7. Coordinate with the Dammam Central Morgue to check if all the paper work is complete and notify them of the flight itinerary. At that final stage the Morgue at Dammam Central Hospital will issue the Burial Permit (that we translate at the Consulate as it will be given at the last hour before the repatriation) and the Embalming Certificate that is provided in English and Arabic.
8. The sponsor brings the original documents (Report of Death, Saudi Death Certificate) plus translation of these documents to the Consulate in order to issue the Consular Mortuary Certificate.

The Consular Mortuary Certificate must accompany all remains to clear the U.S. Customs. The Consulate will attach a copy of all the above documents to the Mortuary Certificate and will issue the necessary number of copies as per the flight itinerary. These copies are requested by the cargo section of the airport to receive the body no less than six hours before the departure date. Please note that it is advisable to always provide the Consulate with the above documents as they become available to you.

The Consulate will also prepare the Report of Death of an American Citizen, which serves as the death
certificate for U.S. legal purposes.9. One (1) set of these documents should be given to the escort and another should be affixed to the casket.