How to Apply for a Sharek Permit in Saudi Arabia |

Expats Can Get Electronic Saudi Visas For Sporting Events

A new online platform will allow expats and visitors to apply for an electronic visa starting from December

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2 October 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018
Electronic Saudi Visas

Good news for foreign visitors wanting to make their way to Saudi Arabia, you can now apply for an electronic visa through an online platform.

The newly designed online platform will allow visitors who want to attend sporting and concerts in the Kingdom to obtain an electronic visa starting from December, announced by Saudi Arabia’s General Sports Authority on Sunday.

Called Sharek, the online platform will offer visiting expats to buy tickets to sporting events and obtain KSA visas simultaneously.

The decision was made in time for tourists to get their tickets to the anticipated Saudi Ad Diriyah E-Prix, which is taking place on December 15.

With tourism in Saudi Arabia picking up and more entertainment events taking place all around the country, Saudi Arabia is easing the method for visitors to attend.

Sharek will allow visitors to buy tickets for sporting events and will grant buyers a 14 day visa to Saudi Arabia for the cost of SAR640 (AED627).

Visitors who buy tickets to the Saudi race taking place in December will receive a 14-day visa, full access to the race and free movement around Saudi Arabia – except Makkah and Madinah.

How can tourists use Sharek?

Tourists entering the country just need to submit the following when applying for a visa to attend sporting events:

  • Fill in personal details online
  • Upload a photograph
  • Upload a copy of passport
  • Pay the fees

And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will, within a few minutes, confirm the eligibility of the visitor into the country and grant you a visa.