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Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia

India’s diplomatic presence in Saudi Arabia goes back to pre-Independence period when India had a Vice Consul in the British Embas

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26 September 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia

Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia

India’s diplomatic presence in Saudi Arabia goes back to pre-Independence period when India had a Vice Consul in the British Embassy in Jeddah to look after Indian pilgrims who came to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for ‘Hajj’. Independent India’s diplomatic mission was first set up in Jeddah in 1948, initially as a Consulate, then as a Consulate General, a Legation, and from 1957 as a full fledged Embassy. At that time, diplomatic missions were in Jeddah where the Foreign Office was located, while the King and the other Ministers were based in the capital city of Riyadh. In the early 1980s, diplomatic missions shifted to Riyadh. Accordingly, in October 1985, the Indian Embassy moved from Jeddah to Riyadh.

In 1996, the Embassy shifted to a newly built building located at a prime location in the Diplomatic Quarter area of Riyadh. The present Embassy building, covered with pink Dholpur stones from Rajasthan in India, reminds one of the beauty and elegance of Indian architecture.

Working hours

Sunday to Thursday - 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Consular Services: 
Submission of Passport applications &
attestation of documents - 9.15 am to 12.30 pm
Delivery of Passports & attested documents - 4.30 pm to 5.15 pm


Location: B-1 Diplomatic Quarter, Riyadh
Tel:  00-966-1-488 4144 / 488 4691 / 488 4692
24-hr Help-Line Numbers:  00-966-1-488 4697 / 488 1982
Tel Nos for Labour issues:  00-966-1-4804554 / 4884144 Ext. 107
Tel Nos for Death Cases:  00-966-1-488 4032/00-966-1-4816348 / 4884144 Ext.109

Various Departments


The Political Wing interacts with the Government of Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Government of India on matters of bilateral and mutual interests and receives and disseminates information in this regard. It strives to continuously strengthen Indo-Saudi bilateral relations.

Consular (Passport & Visa)

The Consular Wing extends all passport and consular assistance to the Indian community in the Kingdom, resident in its consular jurisdiction in the Kingdom. It also issues visas to Saudi nationals as well as foreign nationals resident in Saudi Arabia to visit India on tourism, business and other matters.

Community Welfare

The Community Welfare Wing provides all possible assistance and guidance to Indian nationals in distress, authenticates labour contracts, facilitates settlement of disputes arising out of those contracts and assists in realizing service benefits or compensation for workmen on account of accidents, deaths etc.

Cultural & Library

The Cultural Wing organizes various cultural events encompassing Performing Arts, Exhibition, Screening of Film Shows, Mushaira, and Academic Exchanges in the field of art, education and culture. It also interacts with cultural/educational personalities/organizations both in India and Saudi Arabia.

Defence Wing

The Defence Wing interacts with Saudi defence authorities for defence cooperation, exchanges etc.

Economical & Commercial

The Economic & Commercial Wing is charged with the responsibility for enhancing business relations between India and Saudi Arabia by promoting bilateral trade, investment and other commercial exchanges. It also interacts with the Saudi government, Chambers of Commerce and business community with regard to economic and commercial issues of mutual interest such as trade policies, agreements and joint projects etc.


The Information Wing interacts with press and media in Saudi Arabia. It is responsible for dissemination of information in Saudi Arabia about India, particularly in matters relating to tourism, education and medical facilities.


The Administration Wing is responsible for administrative, financial and accounting matters of the Embassy. It handles personnel, protocol and other related matters.