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Women Voting in Saudi Arabia

In August 2015, women across KSA registered to vote for the Municipal elections for the first time ever in the Kingdoms’ history.

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23 August 2015

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Women Voting in Saudi Arabia

The newly named King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud approved this new passing that Saudi women over the age of 18 (aligned with men) are now allowed to vote. On Monday, two women from Mecca and Medina became the first female voters to register as over 1,260 voting centres are being set aside for female voters. 

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There will be 21 days to register for the vote taking place later on this year, most likely for December's polls which are the third municipal elections since 2005. 

Women will also be able to stand as candidates in the polls. This again is for the first time ever.

This is fantastic news as the Saudi government recognises that “Saudi women are active participants in the development of their country and this has a direct and positive impact on the whole of society when it comes to providing citizens with a decent life."