How Well Do You Know Saudi Arabia: The Ultimate Quiz |

How Well Do You Know Saudi Arabia: The Ultimate Quiz

Think you know the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia like the back of your hand? Take this quiz and find out….

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17 October 2018

Last updated on 26 November 2018
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Expat or national, test your knowledge of the country you call home and see how much you score

Whether you’ve lived in Saudi Arabia for a day or for a decade – there are things that every resident must know about the Kingdom.

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Saudi Arabia might be a main powerhouse in the GCC region, but that’s not all it’s known for – from being the world’s holiest sites, delicious cuisines to being a touristic hub for expats from around the world.

This quiz has historic facts and tricky fun facts – see how well you think you know Saudi Arabia.

How does it work?

For every question you answer right – mark yourself ONE point.

And if you don’t know the answer, then you just skip it and get ZERO point. Same goes for if you get the answer wrong.

At the end of the quiz, count how many points you got and rate your score out of 10.

Q1: In what year was the modern country of Saudi Arabia established?

  • A. 1804
  • B. 1902
  • C. 1932

Q2: Geographically, Saudi Arabia is roughly the same size as ______.

  • A. Canada
  • B. Mexico
  • C. California

Q3: What is Saudi Arabia’s system of government?

  • A. Absolute monarchy
  • B. Theocratic republic
  • C. Constitutional monarchy

Q4: Saudi Arabia has the world’s ________ proved reserves of oil.

  • A. Largest
  • B. Second largest
  • C. Fourth largest

Q5: Which is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

  • A. Riyadh
  • B. Jeddah
  • C. Dahran

Q6: What is the currency of Saudi Arabia?

  • A. Shekel
  • B. Dirham
  • C. Riyal

Q7: What's the name of the organisation that runs most concerts, events and entertainment in Saudi Arabia?

  • A. Saudi Entertainment Company
  • B. General Entertainment Authority
  • C. General Events Authority

Q8: What object appears on the Saudi flag besides the text?

  • A. Dagger
  • B. Dates
  • C. Sword

Q9: What is the largest animal that can be found in the Kingdom?

  • A. Horse
  • B. Elephant
  • C. Camel

Q10: What day and month did Saudi women start driving in the Kingdom?

  • A. May 20
  • B. June 24
  • C. July 26

Correct Answers:

Q1: C, Q2: B, Q3: A, Q4: B, Q5: A, Q6: C, Q7: B, Q8: C, Q9: C, Q10: B

Mark yourself out of 10!