Sandstorm in Saudi Arabia

In Pictures: The Sandstorm That is Sweeping Through Saudi Arabia

All the best pictures and videos that have been captured of the sandstorm in Saudi Arabia

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24 April 2018

Last updated on 4 August 2019
In Pictures: A Sandstorm is Sweeping Through Saudi Arabia

Visibility has drastically been impaired and drivers warned to slow down and drive carefully as a massive sandstorm has been sweeping through Riyahd, the capital of Saudi Arabia the last couple of days.

The Kingdom has had to deal with a number of extreme conditions in the last couple of weeks including other sandstorms as well as thunderstorms and heavy rain. Some of the extreme conditions even caused governorates and schools across the capital to be shut down.

Here are some of the best images and videos detailing the sandstorm:

This is really scary!

Road users are warned to drive with caution as visibility is horribly affected by the thick blanket of dust

We’re not so sure if we want to go to the beach today…

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Nope… Just nope! We’d rather just get back into bed and avoid the roads altogether!

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Is this what the end of the world looks like?

It might have been easier to just park your car and wait out the storm

Did you see how all the buildings are engulfed by the dust?

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Ever wondered what is the aftermath of a sandstorm?

Imagine the thought of having to go land while you're looking at that!

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