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Our Favourite Bloggers

We take a look at our favourite bloggers in Saudi Arabia and why we love their blogs.

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1 October 2013

Last updated on 27 June 2017
Our Favourite Bloggers
While spending a lot of our time online looking up blogs has become almost a second nature to regular surfers of the World Wide Web. We have traveled from region to region in the Gulf to bring you our favourite blogs. Saudi Arabia has a diverse number of people, many who live there as expats and many who have settled into the life there with a Saudi spouse. Bloggers are important contributors to the online audience as they usually have a very personal take or story about a situation and their advice can be personal. Bloggers also tend to have some of the best photographs.

Blogs in Saudi Arabia

Here are some of our favourite Saudi Arabian blogs

Blue Abaya

About: Blue Abaya is written by Layla, a Finnish medical professional, entrepreneur, designer, freelance writer and photographer currently residing in Riyadh with her Saudi husband and two children. Layla’s work has been featured in various publications including National Geographic Publications, Saudi Gazette, Arab News, Saudi Aramco World, My Destination, El Gazette, Destination Riyadh, Women’s Skills Bureau, Women’s Travel Web and many others.

Why EW loves this blog: A very genuine and honest portrayal of life in Saudi Arabia with great guides for newbies and insights into what life is really like. 


Susie's Big Adventure

About: Susie has an interesting story. She is an American woman, who after thirty years of married bliss with her Saudi husband decided to uproot their family's lives and move to Saudi Arabia.

Why EW love her blog: If you are moving to Saudi Arabia, particularly Jeddah, and you want to get the lay of the land Susie has some of the most vibrant photographs, all taken by her. She is also approachable and can be contacted via various social networks, email and through her blogs.

Blog: susiesbigadventure.blogspot.ae

Under the Abaya

About: Under the Abaya is literally a diary left open for all of us to read. The author is an American living in Riyadh with her husband whom she affectionately calls Mr. her daughter and her cats.

Why EW loves this blog: Her writing is very stream of consciousness and she offers a very real perspective on life in Riyadh. Under the Abaya is easy to read, informative and funny. While she is cool and breezy she also has some very informative bits and bobs on her blog.

Blog: undertheabaya.wordpress.com