Sandstorm Blankets Parts of Saudi Arabia |

Sandstorm Blankets Parts of Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom saw horrific weather this week, with sand blowing everywhere. Here are some snaps people shared online.

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22 March 2017

Last updated on 20 September 2017
Sandstorm Blankets Parts of Saudi Arabia

Many Saudi residents started off their week with not-so-great weather. Many parts of the country were covered in clouds of sand.

The sandstorm,  named Madar by the Committee for Naming Saudi Climate Conditions, originated in Libya before making its way over to the Kingdom.

Saudi sandstorm

The storm caused very low visibility and traffic all over. The strong winds reached up to 55km per hour. It caused many schools to shut down and flights to be cancelled.

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The Eastern Province, Riyadh, Northern Borders and Madinah were the most affected by the storm. Many people took to social media to show the magnitude of it.

From up above

Saudi sandstorm

In Jeddah


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In Riyadh