Top 10 Things to Do in Jeddah |

Top 10 Things to Do in Jeddah

Look no further, here are the best things you can add to your Jeddah itinerary

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17 July 2019

Last updated on 18 July 2019
Top 10 Things to Do in Jeddah

This is the guide to the best things to do in Jeddah that you've been searching for...

A commercial hub that toes the line between modern and traditional, the Saudi Arabian port city of Jeddah is an ideal place to explore as there's an abundance of things to see and experience. The city acts as a gateway for Islamic pilgrimages to the neighbouring cities Mecca and Medina. Jeddah itself is home to a variety of resort hotels perfect for weekend staycations, sea-front activities at Corniche, outdoor sculptures like the Rotating Globe, and historical districts from over a thousand years ago.

Even long-term residents are able to experience a wide array of fun activities in Jeddah.

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If you've never been, then here are 10 of the best things to do in Jeddah that'll make the city your next travel destination.

But first... Where is Jeddah?

Lined on one side by the Red Sea, the gorgeous port city of Jeddah is an hour's drive away from Mecca, a city famous for being the birthplace of Islam.

1. King Fahad’s fountain

You can't miss this - constructed during the 1980s, it's the world's tallest fountain in the world reaching as high as 312 metres (1,024 feet). An impressive sight, it makes for a spectacular view during sunset. The fountain was given to the city of Jeddah by King Fahd, which is why it's named as so. It's so tall, you can view it from different places in Jeddah at varying distances.

2. Al-Balad

Have a feel of authentic Arabia with a walk through Al-Balad, with roots as far back as the 7th century and still has traditional buildings made from coral. This historic district is being revived as more and more old buildings are being renovated without losing its charm, making it easier for visitors and locals to navigate through the maze of old Jeddah. Get lost in the shaded, winding alleys - it'll be an afternoon well spent.

Top 10 Things to Do in Jeddah

Pictured: Al-Balad, Jeddah

3. Al-Shallal Theme Park

Thrill-seekers and those with competitive spirits will find themselves enjoying Al-Shallal Theme Park. Gaming activities are available for children and adults, with a selection of amazing prizes to choose from. Get your heart racing with an exciting roller coaster ride, feel energised playing action games, then wind down with a meal at one of the many restaurants or chill at the indoor ice-skating rink.

4. Nasseef House (Biet Nassif)

This historical destination is nearly two centuries old and was developed into a museum and cultural centre, dedicated to preserving artefacts. The entire neighbourhood offers a must-see example of early 20th century Arab architecture, and some were built many years prior.

Originally, the Nasseef House was the home to the biggest family in Jeddah, explaining its generous space. A visit to the home will give a cultural insight into how the local Saudi people lived many years ago.

Top 10 Things to Do in Jeddah

Pictured: Nasseef House (Biet Nassif)

5. Red Sea Mall

If you're in the mood for some (air-conditioned) shopping, you can't go wrong with the large Red Sea mall. A wide array of local and international stores, a massive food court, facilities, and entertainment options are available including a cinema theatre.

6. Floating Mosque

A stunning sight to see - highly recommend visiting this spot during sunset or sunrise. Located near Cornice Jeddah, the tranquil atmosphere is ideal for a picnic, or some time spent on reflection and meditation. The waters reflecting the mosque (standing on pillars) built over the sea grant the illusion that the building is floating.

Top 10 Things to Do in Jeddah

Pictured: The Floating Mosque, Jeddah

7. Fakieh Aquarium

Explore thousands of aquatic species at the Fakieh Aquarium. A perfect place to bring children as there's also a variety of surface marine life to marvel at. The collection of sea life and adorable penguins will make for an enjoyable afternoon with friends and family.

8. Mall of Arabia

Expats and nationals of Saudi Arabia claim that this is the second-best shopping centre in Jeddah. There are three levels of brands to choose from, restaurants, cafes, a variety of activities to keep kid entertained. Grab a quick, cheap bite to eat from Al-Baik, a fast-food chain that has stood the test of time and customer loyalty of Saudi residents.

9. Jeddah Corniche

Formerly a disarrayed plot of sand, the Corniche in Jeddah was transformed into a clean, organised, and modern seafront area with a variety of shops, resting areas, and restaurants nearby. Perfect for a beach day with the family for some Vitamin Sea, or a leisurely stroll by the waters.

Top 10 Things to Do in Jeddah

Pictured: Corniche, Jeddah

10. Souq Al Alawi

The most extensive souk in the whole kingdom, Souq Al Alawi is nestled in the heart of old Jeddah. It's a hustling and bustling place full of merchants and shoppers. Wind through the stalls where you'll find hundreds of vendors selling authentic Arabian art and traditional wear, gold, accessories, and more. You'll be able to smell the richness of every spice being sold while haggling the price of the item you want.