Travelling Just Became A Lot Cheaper in Saudi Arabia |

Travelling Just Became A Lot Cheaper in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has launched Flyadeal, a new low cost airline

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3 September 2017

Last updated on 4 September 2017
Travelling Just Became A Lot Cheaper in Saudi Arabia

If you enjoy travelling in the Middle East region but prefer to do it on a budget then we have good news for you. Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation has announced a subsidiary, low cost airline, Flyadeal.

Flyadeal will be situated in Jeddah with its own management and strategic plans. Although they are starting out small, an additional seven Airbus A320 aircrafts is said to be delivered by mid-2018. They also plan to have a total of fifty-four aircrafts by 2030.

Operations for Flyadeal will commence on the Saudi National Day on September 23, 2017 with only domestic routes at first. The airline plans to eventually expand to the rest of the Middle East.

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This new airline is part of the Vision 2030 strategy to start developing alternative income streams for the Kingdom. Transportation and tourism are seen as the key pillars for this strategy with numerous other plans to grow the tourism sector.

This is not only good news for travellers, but also for job seekers.

Along with the new fleet of aircraft's will come a range of new job opportunities that will need to be filled. 

Flyadeal's new uniforms have been revealed. It was designed by a 22-year old graduate of Dar Al Hekma university after winning the competition. 

Flyadeal's first Airbus A320 in all it's pride and glory.