Saudi Women Will Drive, But Not Yet |

Saudi Women Will Drive, But Not Yet

Police warns Saudi women that it is still illegal for them to drive

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11 October 2017

Last updated on 11 October 2017
Saudi Women Will Drive, But Not Yet

Saudi women have very excitedly been getting in behind the wheel after a royal decree in September announced that women will be allowed to drive as of June 2018.

Social media has been buzzing after the announcement with photos of husbands teaching their wives to drive and women in the driver’s seat of vehicles.

Police are however warning women that even though they will eventually be able to drive, it is currently still against the law for women to drive.

A police spokesperson told the Agence France Presse “We call on all Saudi citizens to respect the law and wait until the ban on women driving formally ends”

One woman in Saudi Arabia has already been arrested after police discovered a video of her driving in Riyadh. The car owner was also arrested for violating traffic regulations and had to sign a pledge which promised that the woman won’t drive again until the ban is lifted.

Vehicle accidents involving women have already been reported in the Kingdom, one of which turned out to be fatal.

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A ministerial body has been created to analyse the practicalities of the decree and must provide feedback within 30 days. There is a lot of preparation that needs to be done before the decree is implemented to ensure that everyone is safe on the road.

We are excited with you girls, but just sit tight for a while longer. Soon you will be able to slide in behind the steering wheel and drive yourself around.

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