Taxis in Saudi Arabia |

Taxis in Saudi Arabia

We have the low down on taxis and their fares in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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26 September 2013

Last updated on 20 June 2017
Taxis in Saudi Arabia

Within cities, taxis are the only practical means of transportation, which carries some safety risks for women. Metered fares (only in Riyadh) start at S.R. 5 and tick up at SR 1.60/km, but in other cities you'll often have to haggle the price in advance. Solo passengers are expected to sit up front next to the driver: this has the advantages of being next to the full blast of the air-con and making it easier to wave your hands to show the way. Be careful of unregistered cars claiming to be taxis. If possible, always ride with a friend who knows the country. There are no street addresses in Saudi Arabia, so you will have to know your route well, and pay attention to the road to explain to the driver where to turn.

- Metered taxi’s have only just been introduced in mid aug 2013

City:  Ad Dammam 
Taxi Start(Normal Tariff): 10.00
Taxi 1km(Normal Tariff): 7.00
Taxi 1hour waiting(Normal Tariff): 7.00

City: Jeddah
Taxi Start(Normal Tariff): 10.00 
Taxi 1km(Normal Tariff): 5.00
Taxi 1hour waiting(Normal Tariff): 40.00

City: Jubail
Taxi Start(Normal Tariff): 17.75 
Taxi 1km(Normal Tariff): 9.99
Taxi 1hour waiting(Normal Tariff): 9.98

City: Riyadh
Taxi Start(Normal Tariff): 5.00
Taxi 1km(Normal Tariff): 2.00
Taxi 1hour waiting(Normal Tariff): 17.50
Blueconnect taxi Riyadh - +966920004948


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