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Expats Must Now Register for Ejar Before Gaining Their Residency Visa in Saudi

As of September 2018 foreign residents needs to register their rental contract on the Ejar Rental Network before their residence visa can be issued or renewed

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6 August 2018

Last updated on 6 August 2018
Saudi Arabia Will Soon Require a Registered Rental Contract to Issue Residence Visas

A new condition will be implemented in Saudi Arabia to renew or issue foreign resident’s residency visas

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Development and Ministry of Housing has announced that they will soon require foreign residents to register their rental contract on the Kingdom’s recently launched Ejar rental network before their residence visas (iqama) will be issued or renewed.

This change is part of a wider crackdown on illegal workers in Saudi Arabia. This change in policy is set to be implemented early September 2018 and will require foreign residents to link their rental documentation to the Ejar network.

The Ejar program was officially launched on February 12th, 2018 to protect the rights of tenants, landlords and middlemen through transparency, trust and impartiality. This is four years after the system was announced in the Kingdom. The system is also set to better regulate the rental market and help provide a more efficient means of settling disputes.

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Cash transactions has already been eliminated between tenants and landlords thanks to the new Ejar network! Residents can now pay their landlords through SADAD on either monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annual basis.

The ministries of labour and housing will have awareness campaigns to ensure the success of the linking process.