Saudi Arabia Will Soon Launch Labour Courts |

Saudi Arabia Will Soon Launch Labour Courts

It is expected that launching labour courts in Saudi Arabia will increase the investment opportunities

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5 August 2018

Last updated on 5 August 2018
Saudi Arabia Will Soon Launch Labour Courts

The Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labour and Social Development are in the process to launch labour courts and departments in Saudi Arabia by early 2019.

Jurisdiction of labour cases will soon be transferred to the general judiciary. This partnership was decided upon to achieve judicial excellence in labour courts and departments. It is hoped that this change will reduce the length of litigation and help the labour courts to achieve digital integration.

The court is already training judges, providing proper induction and court buildings are being prepared and connected digitally.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the forthcoming labour courts and departments will be one of the most important pillars in helping to raise the Kingdom’s classification in international indices.

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The Q1 2018 statistics revealed that there are approximately 13 million workers in Saudi Arabia (10 million foreign and 3 million local workers) and the numbers are expected to increase during oncoming years with all the new mega projects that are underway in the Kingdom.

The labour courts are expected to create ease and efficiency in conducting projects and ensuring that all workers are working within a well-defined system that protects them. The labour courts will also identify and innovate performance indicators to ensure the smooth functioning of the partnership.

The Ministry of Justice said that: "Labour courts will be connected to all government entities that deal with labour, we have already started studying labour dispute cases from the past few years and building our operational plan."

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"We are looking into achieving four objectives; boosting investment opportunities, achieving excellence, swiftness of labour judiciary, and benefitting from the rich databases of courts," the Ministry continued.

This initiative is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. It is predicted that these labour courts will help boost the investment opportunities.