An Enormous Entertainment City is Coming to Saudi Arabia |

An Enormous Entertainment City is Coming to Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom recently announced plans for an entertainment city almost the size of Las Vegas.

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9 April 2017

Last updated on 10 April 2017
An Enormous Entertainment City is Coming to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is certainly taking steps to offer more entertainment options and attract tourists. The Kingdom’s next ambitious project is going to be the country’s largest entertainment, cultural and sports city.

It will be located in A Qidiya, just southwest of Riyadh, and it will cover 334 square kilometres. The city will be the first of its kind in the world!

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It’s expected to become a cultural landmark and the main hub for all things recreational, cultural and social. It will include a major safari area and an amusement park likely to be built by Six Flags.

The city won’t only be a source of entertainment but it will also offer the opportunity for people to be in a city designed with international standards. It remains to be seen how things will work out considering the country's segregation laws. 

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Breaking ground is expected to be early 2014, with the first phase opening in 2022. This new project will help Riyadh in becoming one of the top 100 cities in the world to live in.


This project is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, allowing the country to diversify its sources of income, boost the economy and create more jobs. This project will also improve the Kingdom’s position in attracting foreign investments.

The project’s main investor is the Public Investment Fund and it’s joined by several local and international investors.