Four-Day Holiday for Saudi Arabia National Day 2019 |

Four Days Public Holiday This Saudi National Day

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Civil Service announced a four-day public holiday to celebrate the 89th Saudi National Day for 2019

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15 September 2019

Last updated on 15 September 2019
Four Days Public Holiday This Saudi National Day

With the kingdom celebrating publicly with folklore dances, songs, and traditional festivals

The Ministry of Civil Service in Saudi Arabia revealed that a four-day public holiday from 20 - 24 September, in celebration of the 8th Saudi National Day for 2019.

Saudi Arabia's official National Day will fall on Monday, September 23 this year, marking the day the Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz was renamed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by a royal decree from King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud in 1932.

Public sector workers will have a long weekend from Friday and resume on Tuesday. Private sector workers will have a day off on September 23, according to the Saudi Gazette.

National Day celebrations every year usually consists of nation-wide dances, songs, and local festivals.