Top 7 Fun Activities For Saudi National Day |

Top 7 Fun Activities For Saudi National Day

Your guide to 7 different activities for all the family members in the Kingdom this year!

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18 September 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018
Activities For Saudi National Day

If you’re a local, an expat or a tourist and you find yourself in Saudi Arabia during the national day, then you’re in luck because there are loads of fun activities to enjoy.

What had originally started out as just an appreciation day for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia back in 1932, is now a full blown celebratory month filled with various activities that everyone can enjoy.

Celebrated on the 23rd day of September every single year, the Saudi national day became significant back in 1932 when King Abdulaziz made a decision to unify and create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And today, this significant day is an opportunity to learn about the establishment of Saudi Arabia, the works of King Abulaziz, the unification of KSA – many generations over the years have learned about the country’s heritage, customs and traditions.

How is Saudi national day celebrated?

Going from a day celebration to almost a month’s duration of constant activities in appreciation of Saudi Arabia – residents, locals and tourists celebrate with folk dances, folk songs and traditional activities.

You’ll find flags of KSA plastered on every road, buildings and people proudly holding up their own flag all over Saudi Arabia.

Due to increasing efforts to encourage tourism in Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision aims to provide entertainment for the people inside the country so that they don’t have to travel abroad.

And with there are loads of national day inspired activities planned for the 88th Saudi national day – here are seven different ones that you will enjoy.

The national day light Festival

A dedicated festival of light will take place on the Saudi Arabian national day at the new waterfront in Jeddah.

A spectacular array of the latest light technology will be showcased on water screens; displaying the Kingdom’s images throughout history. 3-Dimensional lighting will also illuminate neighboring buildings and visitors will be able to use their phones to see how the area will appear in the future.

Location: Jeddah Waterfront
Date: Sept 21 – Sept 24
Time: 7:30 pm – 1:00 am

National Entertainment Day

This is one of the largest carnivals in the Kingdom, which will be filled with modern leisure activities for all the family. Held for three days, this event will include more than 4 local orchestras, local folkloric groups, fireworks, laser shows, artistic performances and modern technology.

Designed to accommodate more than 100,000 visitors in Saudi Arabia, this entertainment day is nothing short of fun and patriotic.

Location: Prince Turki Al Awwal Road
Date: Sept 21 – Sept 23
Time: 6:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Hot Air Balloons

With almost 16 hot air balloons in the skies of the Kingdom in the morning – 13 balloon will represent the 13 regions of Saudi Arabia, one for the flag and one for the 2030 vision.

A magnificent sight to witness, this event will be accompanied with the lighting of the balloons, national songs and various children’s activities.

Location: Al Ahsa
Date: Sept 21 – Sept 24
Time: 5:00 pm – 12:30 am

Ylaah Salt

Infamous for their burgers, Salt is throwing a weekly family event with activities for all the members. Children and adults can enjoy chess games, live audiovisual shows, stand-up comedy, color festivals, storytelling and a mobile library to read from.

And when hunger strikes in, you can find the famous Salt Festival Carnival to munch on delicious burgers and food.

Location: Riyadh park
Date: July 26 – Oct 26
Time: 4:00 pm – 1:00 am

Our green path

With the Saudi Arabian flag being green, it’s only right to include an environmentally friendly family event and this event is one for national awareness, filled with recreational activities.

It will display the cultural, intellectual, scientific and entertainment of the Kingdom over the past decades – divided into 3 areas: The Heritage Wing, The Present Wing and the Future Wing, each family member will enjoy seeing the different transformations over the years.

Location: King Khalid Cultural Center
Date: Sept 21 – Sept 23
Time: 6:00 pm – 12:00 am

Watan Altomouh

Translated to “Ambition,” this event will showcase the transformation of the country and the history of KSA with that ambition that led to success over the years.

Expect to see fireworks, 3D shows, dancing fountains and national music.

Location: Al hamra cornice
Date: Sept 21 – Sept 23
Time: 5:00 pm – 12:00 am

National Activity Day

To encourage people in Saudi to get fit and remain active, the KSA General Sports Authority is organizing various days of activities all over the Kingdom – it will focus on several activities and competitive sporting events will take place with special prizes.

Location: All over
Date: Sept 21 – Sept 23
Time: 4:00 pm – 12:00 am