Top 7 Fun Activities For Saudi National Day |

Top 7 Fun Activities For Saudi National Day

Your guide to 7 different activities for all the family members in the Kingdom this year!

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18 September 2018

Last updated on 18 September 2019
Activities For Saudi National Day

If you’re a local, an expat or a tourist and you find yourself in Saudi Arabia during the national day, then you’re in luck because there are loads of fun activities to enjoy

What had originally started out as just an appreciation day for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia back in 1932, is now a full-blown celebratory month filled with various activities that everyone can look forward to.

Celebrated on the 23rd day of September every single year, the Saudi National Day became significant back in 1932 when King Abdulaziz made a decision to unify and create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, previously named Kingdom of Nejd and Hejaz.

The significant day is an opportunity to learn about the establishment of country, the works of King Abulaziz, the unification of KSA – many generations over the years have learned about the country’s heritage, customs, and traditions.

How is Saudi Arabia National Day celebrated?

Going from a day celebration to almost a month’s duration of constant activities in appreciation of Saudi Arabia – residents, locals and tourists celebrate with folk dances, folk songs, and traditional activities.

You’ll find flags of KSA plastered on every road, buildings and people proudly holding up their own flag all over Saudi Arabia.

Due to increasing efforts to encourage tourism in Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 aims to provide entertainment for the people inside the country so that they don’t have to travel abroad. Already, the kingdom is working on major media, entertainment, and leisure projects such as removing the ban on public cinemas, the development of a massive entertainment city near Riyadh, festivals and concerts featuring international artists like Liam Payne, k-pop boyband BTS, and Enrique Iglesias.

For its 89th National Day, Saudi Arabia is set to celebrate with over 70 entertainment events organised by the kingdom's General Entertainment Authority (GEA) for the five-day celebratory season.

From September 19 until National Day on September 23, an estimated 2 million people are expected to marvel at and enjoy light shows, musical performances, fireworks, and more across the country.

With loads of National Day activities in store, we've rounded up the top 7 different ones that you will enjoy.

Top 7 fun activities for Saudi National Day

GEA announced the KSA's 89th National Day season’s activities with the unique theme of “Himma Hatta El-Qimmah" - Mettle Until Reaching the Top.

1. Cirque du Soleil show

Dharan Exhibition will feature a specially designed show for Saudi National Day, brought by the world's largest theatrical show Cirque du Soleil.

Location: Dharan Exhibition
Date: Sept 19 – Sept 23

2. Concerts from regional and international artists

Throughout the four-day celebration, 40 regional and international artists will present 14 spectacular shows of dance, acrobatics, music, and sports.

Concerts in Sakaka

Eight concerts with singers performing international songs and Saudi music will be held in Sakaka. Notable artists that have been confirmed for the lineup include Khaled Abdulrahman and Nabil Shuail.

  • Location: Al-Jouf University Stadium, Sakaka
  • Date: September 19

Tabuk concerts

Headlined by artists Abdullah Al-Rowaished and Aseel Abu Bakr.

  • Location: King Khalid Sport City, Tabuk
  • Date: September 20

Hail concerts

With performances from Majid Al-Mohandes and Dalia Mubarak.

  • Location: Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Musaed Stadium, Hail
  • Date: September 21

Buraidah concerts

Artists Rashid Al-Majid and Arab pop queen Balqees Fathi.

  • Location: Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Musaed Stadium, Hail
  • Date: September 21

Jazan concerts

Performed by “The Artist of Arabs” - Mohammed Abdo and Turki.

  • Location: Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Musaed Stadium, Hail
  • Date: September 22

Riyadh concerts

On Saudi National Day, thousands are expected to gather to listen to singers Hussein Al-Jasmi and Abadi Al-Jawhar.

  • Location: King Fahd Cultural Center, Riyadh
  • Date: September 23

3. 700,000 firework shows

For the 89th National Day, Saudi Arabia has scheduled 700,000 fireworks to be launched 300 metres into the sky across the kingdom. One of the huge fireworks shows is set to take place at the picturesque Jeddah Corniche, home to beachfront recreation areas, sculptures, and pavilions. The event will be joined with a stunning display of music, lights, and laser effects.

4. Traditional Saudi festivities and entertainment

Saudi nationals, residents, and visitors can also celebrate the annual holiday by visiting the many street festivals, singing and dance performances, art and craft workshops, and more that will take place throughout the four-day public holiday.

5. Inspirational forums

Five forums are planned to take place in five cities, where a number of affluent, motivational, and professional speakers will present talks hoping to deliver inspiration and the spirit of this year's KSA National Day.

Saudi National Day Forums Location and Dates

  • Madinah - September 19
  • Tabuk - September 19
  • Abha - September 21
  • Buraidah - September 21
  • Hail - September 23

6. A Saudi National Day-special acrobatics and aero show

If marvelling at the Cirque du Soleil isn't enough, international performers will be arriving to the kingdom to perform acrobatic feats.

There will also be a major aero show in Jeddah, Riyadh, and the Eastern Province.

7. Saudi Falcon Show

Taking place in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Alkhobar, the kingdom will be celebrating National Day with its national bird at the Saudi Falcon Show.