In Pictures: Snow in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk Region |

In Pictures: Snow in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk Region

Saudi Arabia was transformed into a wonderland after snowfall in the Tabuk region

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28 January 2018

Last updated on 29 January 2018
In Pictures: Snow in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk Region

Residents of Saudi Arabia were overjoyed as the desert was turned into a winter wonderland over the weekend with snow falling in the Tabuk region. Residents woke up to a snow covered desert on Friday morning after a snowstorm swept across the North-west region of the country.

The North-west region of Saudi Arabia is home to Al-Lawz Mountain, a mountain which has occasionally seen snowfall before. This is, however, the exception to the rule and a very uncommon occurrence.

Locals and foreigners flocked from far and wide to enjoy the snow in the Kingdom and quickly took to social media with pictures and videos to show the fun moments, the funny ones and the breathtakingly beautiful moments.

Even though we couldn’t see this picturesque site for ourselves, all the Saudi residents did at least make sure that there are enough videos and photos on social media to keep us entertained.

Here are all our favourite pictures of Saudi’s snowy blanket the past weekend:

Blue skies with a white landscape. What more could you ask for?

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Brrr! These photos are making us feel cold!

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A fairy tale come to life in Saudi Arabia...

The perfect time to see what those 4x4's can really do

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People were literally slipping 'n sliding around!

This road is begging for someone to take a motorbike and enjoy the cool morning breeze

Imagine waking up to a view like this every morning

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This must have been a really cold night out camping...

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This is one of those moments that makes us just want to sit in silence and absorb the beauty of nature

So much snow - better drive carefully up those roads!

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This beats a snow fight any day!

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There's no better time for some tea...

Another example of what a beautiful country Saudi Arabia is