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Parks in Saudi Arabia

Al Shallal Park boasts having the largest double looped roller coaster in the Asian continent and has been operating since 2004.

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26 September 2013

Last updated on 27 June 2017
Parks in Saudi Arabia

Al shallal park

Al-Shallal Theme Park
Tel: +966 2 606 3993 Ext 2022

The park boasts of having the largest double looped roller coaster in the Asian continent. Operational since 2004, the roller coaster at the Theme Park is 34 meters high and can carry 700 visitors per hour.

Fakieh Hospitality and Leisure Group persisted to have a modernized design of Al Shallal Theme Park, to present an excited leisure model in addition to external landscapes, and a lake which suits the general shape of the project with its waterfall overflowing into the lake.

There are entertainment games for kids, young and adult people, the famous of which is the excited Amazon Wood, the roller coaster, the balling family hall, and the world restaurants. There are other entertainment features such as auditoria, theatres, educational facilities and innovated amusing activities and programs that add a value to the Park as an entertainment place in Jeddah and it has become famous all over the Kingdom to attract visitor all through year.

Asir National Park

In the summer it is free entry
The crown jewel of Saudi Arabia’s national parks system is the 1.1 million acre Asir National Park. Visitors can hike, camp, climb hills and other outdoor activities in this cool, green paradise. The Kingdom’s largest preserve is Al-Khunfah, where visitors can take in spectacular views and observe wildlife such as gazelles and oryx in their natural habitat. Click here for more info.