Here's How You Can Name a Rock in Saudi Arabia And Win Money |

You Can Name A Rock In KSA And Win Money

This is not a joke, the Royal Commission for Al-Ula in KSA wants you to name a historic rock and win BIG money in return

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30 September 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018
Name A Rock In KSA

A key touristic city in Saudi Arabia has granted people in the country the chance to win up to SAR100,000 by choosing a rock in the area and naming it.

A never before seen competition of this kind is turning some heads in Saudi Arabia and gaining popularity.

In constant efforts to increase tourism and enrich the country’s history, Saudi Arabia’s northwest region, Al-Ula, is always promoted for its historical, archaeological and cultural importance to the country.

Al-Ula has been popular by many Bedouin civilizations throughout history, including Dadanites, Lihyanites and the Nabateans – even some ancient Green and Roman civilizations.

And today, it’s making headlines for an even more shocking reason – the Royal Commission for Al-Ula launched the “Name A Rock” competition asking the public to simply name a rock.

Participants must submit the following:

  • A photo of a unique rock in the province
  • A name for their rock of choice
  • The exact location of the rock
  • A reasoning behind the chosen name

The competition has already started and will close on November 17. Nominations for the final round will be announced between November 18 – 24 and voting will take place between December 2 – 8.

The final winners will be announced on December 14.

The qualifications

The top 10 participants will be selected based on their rock’s following criteria:

  • 1. Characteristic rock formation
  • 2. Characterization and suitability of the name
  • 3. The correlation of the name to the rock or historical event

The prizes

There are three prizes to be won in the competition and participants can receive the following:

  • Third place – SAR 50,000
  • Second place – SAR 75,000
  • First place – SAR 100,000

Increasing tourism

The commission of the governate of Al-Ula has stated that the reason behind the competition is to encourage participants to explore Al-Ula and become a part of the Saudi Arabian history.