Many Expats Have Been Terminated From Government Jobs in Saudi Arabia |

Many Expats Have Been Terminated From Government Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Expats in Saudi Arabia have faced contract terminations in the Kingdom

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30 October 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018
Government Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Unfavourable news for expats who are living in Saudi Arabia

A decision made by the Council of Ministers saw the termination of more than 71% of expat contracts in Saudi Arabia.

This decision came into effect on Monday when a lot of expats were fired from their government positions in the Kingdom.

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And the Ministry of Civil Service is hoping to find qualified Saudis to fill the vacancies created by these contract terminations.

While 71% have been let go – the government entities still have around 91% of expats that are working in the education and health sector in Saudi Arabia.

Last year, almost 60,000 expats were working in the public sector – while Saudis and expats made up 1.23 million of total government employees.

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However, 2017 did notice a 0.8% decrease in the total number of government employees.

Saudi women, on the other hand, have seen an increase in job opportunities by 0.4%, which reached just over 476,000 and Saudi men make up 697,000 of the government job market.

Source: General Authority of Statistics

Expats in Saudi Arabia

Saudis may make up 95.1% of the government employees.

But male expats make up 29,600 of government jobs and this number is witnessing a dip of 12.7% over the past year.

And female expats make up 30,800 and the decrease is about 7.3% from 2016.