Single Women Working in Saudi Arabia |

Single Women Working in Saudi Arabia

As a result of the strict rules surrounding the limitations of women in Saudi Arabia, there aren't many job opportunities for them

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26 September 2013

Last updated on 12 September 2017
Single Women Working in Saudi Arabia

Due to the strict rules that must be adhered to by all women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are not many job opportunities for single expat women. The Saudi society is male-orientated and governed by the local laws and customs.


Woman wearing abaya

 The most popular jobs for expat women in Saudi Arabia are in the medical, teaching and airline fields. The jobs are generally well paid and tax-free. The women live in Western compounds and enjoy a generally Western lifestyle within their compound where they may wear whatever they want. Usually an expat working in Saudi gets the following in their package:

  • Tickets to travel home once a year

  • All visa and moving expenses are covered by the company

  • Furnished accommodation (sometimes sharing but every woman will get her own bedroom and bathroom)

  • Transport to and from work

  • Annual vacation

  • Competitive tax-free salary

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Finally, if you want to work and live in Saudi Arabia, you will have to adhere to the cultural standards regardless of if you are a Muslim or not. A woman in Saudi Arabia is required to wear a full length, loose fitting black abaya. Most areas in Saudi Arabia are segregated and women have separate areas in restaurants, stores and most public places.

Women are not allowed to drive, ride a bicycle or a motorcycle and interact heavily with stranger men in public. Landlords will not rent a house to a single expat woman in the city, which is why many women who go to live and work in Saudi Arabia are provided with accommodation in a compound by their sponsor. The sponsor will also provide transportation to and from work because in Saudi Arabia women will find it very difficult to travel on their own as many taxi drivers will not take a single woman into their car. In fact, it is only possible to get a taxi from the airport easily if you are travelling alone. In Riyadh, women are allowed to use the bus, they have to sit at the back and use a separate entrance to the men.

We hope that this guide aids you in your decision to work and live in Saudi Arabia.