Top 10 Beaches in Saudi Arabia to Visit |

Top 10 Beaches in Saudi Arabia to Visit

These are the beaches that you need to visit if you’re craving sun, sand and water!

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1 August 2018

Last updated on 2 August 2018
Top 10 Beaches in Saudi Arabia to Visit

Perhaps you may not have known, but there’s plenty of great beaches in Saudi Arabia you can visit and swim at!

Who doesn’t enjoy a great day at the beach? And just because you live in Saudi Arabia doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a day of swimming and great weather. Saudi has in fact got a lot of breath-taking beaches that you can enjoy.

There are both public and private beaches in Saudi Arabia that residents can enjoy. Women are allowed to swim at beaches in Saudi Arabia, unless there is a sign indicating otherwise. Ladies must however dress accordingly. When visiting a public beach, it is important to remember that you are still in a public area and need to cover up. It is advisable for women to wear a burkini, or even swim in their abaya. Look at what other women at the beach is wearing and decide accordingly. It is important for men to also cover up when visiting a public beach.

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Private beaches in Saudi Arabia are however a whole other story! These beaches are usually not as strict and are enclosed so that no-one can see onto the beach. Women are allowed to wear normal bikinis at some private beaches and men can swim without a shirt.

Some private beaches require women to dress modestly, and similarly, others does not allow “modest clothing” so it is best to call ahead and confirm what the dress code is before showing up and not having the appropriate swimwear.

Here are 10 of our favourite beaches in Saudi Arabia:

1. Al Fanateer Beach

Located in the city of Al Jubail, this beach is very popular among locals and tourists alike. The beach offers picturesque beaches, walking paths, scenic boat rides and much more. This is a great beach to spend time with your friends and family. Fanateer Mall is also located close by for some pre- or post-beach shopping!

2. Duurat Al Arus

Located in Jeddah, this is the beach that started the trend of private beaches in the Kingdom. This is also the oldest private beach in Jeddah. The beach has 1000 beach villas, a diving school, a golf course and their own theme park!

Villas are available for only a day or for longer visits depending on your needs. Be sure to book ahead of time if you are planning to go during either of the Eids as the resort is very popular!

Duurat Al Arus

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3. Silver Sands

If you enjoy water sports and is looking for a “less conservative” beach, then this is the beach that you need to visit! The beach offers fun activities such as open-water swimming, windsurfing, snorkelling and a smaller island that you can swim to. This beach does not allow abayas or ‘modest clothing’ on their stretches of sandy shores.

Visiting this beach does however come at a price and you need to make a reservation ahead of time, but it is well worth it! Entry is SAR 150 per person. Membership programmes are also available to more frequent visitors.

Silver Sands

Image Credit: The Signature Hotels

4. Oia Resort

OIA is the perfect destination to unwind and escape the rush of the city. Inspired by the Greek beaches, the beach is covered in white-stone houses. There are fun water activities such as sailing, kayaking and a floating water park. There are even artisanal cafés and a restaurant with amazing food!

Oia Resort

Image Credit: @oiabeach

5. Salhia

Salhia is a family friendly, membership-only beach club. You will find all ages and backgrounds at this beach with numerous recreational activities such as volleyball. Be sure to try their lemonade if you visit and walk a bit further down the beach to escape the crowd. There are also sunbeds in this usually less crowded area.


Image Credit: @ninette

6. Bhadur Resort

If you don’t like crowds when visiting the beach, then this beach is for you! The resort not only has access to a private beach, but also have spa services, restaurants, cafés and a lot of sun beds! There is diving school, a waterpark and a number of arcade and game rooms available to keep the kids busy while the parents spend time relaxing.

Bhadur Resort

Image Credit: @abdulrahmanhakami

7. Half Moon Beach

This scenic beach is a great visit on the Persian Gulf and has a lot to offer its visitors! Shaped like a half-moon, this beach is really big and a popular destination for both locals and expats. There are a number of exciting activities also available for everyone in the family such as sunbathing, swimming, rides in a beach buggy, amusement park, kids play area. There are also bathrooms, lockers, and showers available for visitors.

Half Moon Beach

Image Credit: eureka-reservation

8. Haql Beach

Haql beach is based at the head of the Aqaba Gulf and is a pristine public beach. The beach has a gorgeous coral life making it a famous diving spot. And it gets better the further you drive from the city! If you drive far enough, you will also be able to see the Haql Beach ship wreck! Some visitors have previously swum out to see the shipwreck up close!

Haql Beach

9. Farasan Al Kabir Beach

Think of beautiful vistas of vividly blue waters and isolated islands near the coast. That is what you can expect at Farasan Al Kabir Beach. The Farasan Islands are actually well known to have some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world as well. So if you love diving, then get your gear ready and prepare to fall in love!

Farasan Al Kabir Beach

Image Credit: Birds of Saudi Arabia

10. Indigo

This list wouldn’t be complete without Indigo. Known as most probably the most luxurious private beach in Saudi Arabia, this is a member’s only beach that offers an unforgettable escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The beach is designed to transport you to Bali and have lavish four-bedroom bungalows available. There are also cascading waterfalls, infinity pools a gym and a spa. The only problem, you can only become a member by invitation…


Image Credit: @Indigojeddah