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A Guide to Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

Everyone who owns a vehicle in Saudi Arabia MUST have car insurance

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26 September 2013

Last updated on 1 July 2018
A Guide to Car Insurance in Saudi Arabia

The roads in Saudi Arabia can be quite hazardous to drive on, hence, despite it being compulsory to have insurance for your car in the country, it is a good idea to rather insure your car. Luckily, according to law changes in Saudi Arabia, you need to have secured your insurance policy for the car before you can finalise the purchase.

Do you need comprehensive insurance in Saudi Arabia?

According to law, you need have insured your car before you can finalise the purchase of a car in Saudi Arabia. It is, however, not compulsory to purchase comprehensive insurance. The least requirement to have is third-party insurance.

This should insure you against potential liabilities for third party death or bodily injury and damage to their property, but not damage or theft of your own car.

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What determines the price of your insurance in Saudi Arabia?

There are numerous insurance companies that you can insure your car with in the country. The annual price of your insurance will be determined by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • How long you’ve had a drivers licence
  • Accident track record
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle age

What types of insurance is available in Saudi Arabia?

Third Party Insurance

This type of insurance covers the damage to other people and their property if the accident was your fault. Your own vehicle is however not covered by the insurance and you will have to pay this out of your own pocket. Third party insurance is more reasonable price-wise however repairs to your own car can become very costly. It is worth shopping around for different quotes.

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Comprehensive insurance

This type of insurance covers all costs of damage to other people’s property, as well as the costs to your own vehicle if there is any damage. Comprehensive insurance is a little pricier but it is well worth it is it is all encompassing.

Whether you choose comprehensive insurance or third party insurance make sure that the company is reputable. Ask our forum and friends who own vehicles about their experiences.

A traffic accident in Saudi Arabia can land both parties in traffic jail until the dispute is resolved so you will want to have a reputable insurance company in case of such an occurrence.

What should you do in case of an accident?

If you get into an accident in Saudi Arabia, you will need to first report it to the traffic police. Depending how severe the accident was, you might have to call the police to come to the scene.

The person who was responsible for the accident will need to pay the cost of the repairs. This is where your insurance comes as a saving grace covering the costs to both your property, as well as the other party’s property - depending on whether you have third-party or comprehensive insurance.

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In order to claim from your insurance, you can call them and inform them of the accident. A consultant from the insurance company will guide you through the process as each insurance company usually have their own way of doing things. It is important to keep any documentation provided by the police as you will need to submit this to the insurance company along with your claim.

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