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5 Baby-Related Things That Disgust Their Mothers

It doesn't matter if he's your baby, some things are still gross!

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10 September 2017

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5 Baby-Related Things That Disgust Their Mothers

We all agree on how adorable and cute babies are – well, almost all of us – but there’s no denying these little angels can sometimes be just as gross, even to their mothers.

In fact, babies can be most disgusting to their mothers. Why? Well, obviously because mums spend the most time with them, so they get a front-row seat to the “ugly” side of things.

You probably thought that mothers rarely get disgusted by their infants, but trust us, even mothers’ heroic disgust-insensitivity has its limits.

Here are all the baby-related things some new moms are guilty of feeling grossed-out by:

1- Number Twos

One might argue that almost anyone is grossed-out by others’ faeces, but mothers supposedly aren’t by their baby’s. Sure, you’ve heard of Meconium, you think you’re ready for it, but when it’s time for the big meeting, you cowered back; words don’t even come close to how scary, gross, and out-of-this-world it is. You might even question how realistic it is that this little human can produce such a substance.

And it’s not only the first Number Two that’s disgusting – it’s each one thereafter. From the last-meal-like substance to seedy breast-milk number twos, it’ll only go downhill.

5 Baby-Related Things That Disgust Their Mothers

2- Periods

One might be shocked reading a menstrual-cycle-indicating word in a babies-related feature, however, new mums should be aware of the possibility of their little baby girl having her first period just a couple of days after birth. It’s actually caused by the withdrawal of hormones she was exposed to when still in the womb.

But don’t freak out just yet, her height won’t stop at 20 inches, because that one will surely be her first and last period in a decade or more. However, no matter how common and normal we try to make it seem, encountering such a phenomenon is still a horrific and gross experience to new mums.

3- The Umbilical Cord Stump

Your belly button wasn’t always this ring-wearing, perfectly rounded shape. Believe it or not, you once had an ugly cord that fell off in your little onesie.

Mothers usually act as if their baby’s Umbilical Cord Stump was very precious, but deep down, they can’t neglect the feeling of gross while looking at and cleaning it. It’s not like a maggot-turning-into-a-fly kind of scene.

4- Drooling

Whether you’re a mum, or a friend of one who had to carry the baby out of awkwardness, you must have had some baby drooling over your shoulder. And it’s absolutely disgusting. There’s no scenario where drool can be cute or even not gross.

5- Tasting everything

Little humans are curious creatures, and their mouths are their built-in discovery tool. And learning can be fun, yet nasty at the same time; every object becomes a target – that means crayons, coins, living creatures (or dead, it doesn’t really matter to youngsters), substances (even if it’s of their own production), and more. The list is endless.

The good news is, mothers do get used to the aforementioned disgusting things, just about when their babies start getting less gross!

5 Baby-Related Things That Disgust Their Mothers

That's just chocolate though!