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5 Baby Pureed Food Recipes That Actually Taste Yummy

We'd totally eat #3!

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23 July 2017

7 Baby Pureed Food Recipes That Actually Taste Yummy

If you’ve ever tried the store-bought baby food jars, you’d know why your little one prefers to throw most of it away.

Your tiny tot is still too young for some spices and herbs but that doesn’t mean he/she has to eat bland mixtures. Here are some healthy and yummy baby pureed food recipes to add some variety to your baby’s diet.

Once your little ninja is ready for solid foods (around 4-6 months), you can try these homemade fruits and veggie purees.

1. Broccoli + Asparagus Puree with Tarragon

This super green power puree is filled with 3 different green vegetables and rounded out with a touch of pear sweetness and refreshing tarragon.

2. Blueberry + chick peas

This is the perfect recipe to introduce your tot to some tangy berry goodness. This recipe is suitable for babies age 9 months above.

3. Banana + Coconut Milk + Cinnamon

Deliciously warm, thick and sinfully good puree that we'd totally chow down ourselves.

4. Zucchini + Apple + Spinach + Chicken Chunky Puree

This puree is all nutrients combined in one healthy mixture. The natural sweetener in the apple will dilute spinach and kale's bitterness.

5. Apples + Butternut Squash + Carrots + Curry Puree

Summer squash can be wonderful for baby and easy to turn into baby food recipes. Mix them with some apple and carrots and your tot will love it!