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5 Clear Signs Your Baby Is Ready For Solid Food

Life's full of flavours.

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18 July 2017

5 Sure Signs Your Baby Is Ready For Solid Food

Life’s full of flavours and your little ninja needs more than just milk to survive. So, if he/she is 6 months or above it’s time to introduce them to the yummy world of solid foods. But it’s easier said than done.

It’s going to get messy and your baby may not give you the response you’re expecting. Don't lose hope; introduce them to new flavours — from savoury to sweet — and before you know it, they’ll be asking for second helpings.

While breastfeeding remains the sole source of nutrition for the first year, most paediatricians let parents start testing baby's readiness for solid foods by the age of 6-8 months.

In case you’re confused if your tiny tot is ready for some new flavours, here are some clear signs.

1. The tongue-thrust reflex is gone.

Your baby isn't as ignorant as you might assume. If they're not ready for food they're going to push it out immediately. Try to put something in your baby's mouth (a pacifier, your finger) and notice how their tongue automatically pushes it out. That's what's called a tongue-thrust reflex

This reflex usually goes away sometime after 4 months. Before it does, they aren't ready for a spoon of food in the mouth - they're just going to push it back out.

2. They can hold their head.

Your baby's digestive system isn't something you can easily check. But doctors usually suggest parents avoid any form of solid food including strain-food if the baby is unable to hold her head without support. Chunkier foods should wait until a baby can sit well alone, usually not until 7 months.

Signs Your Baby Is Ready For Solid Food

3. They show interest in what others are eating.

Babies, between the age of 6-8 months, kick and grab things as much as their little bodies permit. If you notice your baby is reaching for spoons, plates or showing interest in what you're eating then it's a sure-shot signal that she's hungry for some grown-ups fare.

4. Sitting up is easy for them.

This one's no brainer. Ever tried eating while lying down? It doesn't work. Once your little ninja learns to sit without supports, it's time to reward them with a sweet treat.

5. They've doubled their birth weight.

Most paediatricians advise parents to wait till their baby has at least doubled or crossed her before they'll give the go-ahead to do any diet change.

Signs Your Baby Is Ready For Solid Food