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A Guide To Burping Your Newborn Baby

Help your baby feel comfortable by burping them after feeding time

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14 November 2018

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Burping Your Newborn Baby

If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about burping your baby

Then don’t worry, we’ve compiled the when, why and how complete guide to burping your little one.

You shouldn’t feel anxious about burping your baby because releasing the air from inside of them actually soothes them and make them feel more comfortable.

The need to burp your baby – because they obviously cannot do it alone – comes from the air that gets trapped in the baby’s stomach.

This air can bloat your baby up and make them feel uneasy – however, when released, your baby will feel instantly comfortable.

Why does my baby get gassy?

The accumulation of air in your baby’s tummy is completely normal…the need to burp or release gas isn’t an unordinary action.

Usually, there are three ways a baby can get extremely gassy after feeding time:

  • 1. Too much swallowed air
  • This usually happens when your baby is very hungry and starts to swallow in a lot of air while gulping down the milk during feeding time.

  • 2. Through the mother’s diet
  • A newborn baby is too young to be monitoring their own diet, so the baby’s main food comes from the mother and her diet plan.

    So gassy carbs can pass through the mother’s diet and into the baby’s milk.

  • 3. From bottle-feeding
  • Babies that are bottle-fed may be more prone to swallow more air because bottles are not made to regulate the airflow.

When should I burp my baby?

Your baby absolutely needs to be burped after every single meal – especially if your baby is not consuming lots of milk or food during feeding time as that can indicate that the belly is already full with air.

The gas in your baby’s tummy sits uneasy with them and you’ll start to notice your little one getting cranky after each feeding time.

So it is important to burp your baby after every meal – some mothers burp their baby after every few ounces of milk intake to ensure the gas doesn’t accumulate.

How can I burp my baby?

There’s no right or wrong way to burp your baby as each method may work for some and not for others – however, there are three common techniques to try:

1. Baby over shoulder

Baby over shoulder

This is the go-to-burping technique for mothers as it’s easier to control.

Take your baby and hold them over your shoulders, with them facing towards you – your baby’s chin should rest on your shoulder.

Start to tap on your baby’s back to release the air – some mothers move their hands in an upward position as it may be easier to release the gas.

2. Baby on lap

Baby on lap

Another technique to try is a sitting one – take your baby and place him in a sitting position on your lap.

Support the head and chest with one hand while you pat your baby on the back until the air comes out.

3. Baby on stomach

Baby on stomach

This one is required you to place your baby on his/her stomach while they are facing downwards and gently try to make the burp come out.

Make sure to always support their head while you do so.

Burping your baby will take time – usually, it takes 10 to 15 minutes until all burps are done – however, stay patient and wait until your baby is comfortable again before continue feeding or putting them to sleep.