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10 Epic Graduation Fails You'll Laugh At

These graduate's first steps into adult life didn't go so well...

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21 July 2017

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Epic graduation fails

It's the most important day of any young adult's life as they embark on their journey into adulthood. It's understandable then, that they'd want everything to go perfectly. But in this funny place world we live in, things don't always go as planned for some... Making for some hilarious memories for all to remember. Particularly on graduation day.

So here's some of the funniest graduation fails you'll no doubt enjoy howling with laughter at.

1. "I want a picture for Instagram. Ready, 1...2..."

We wonder if she shared the after picture, too?

Epic graduation fails

2. Why on Earth would you even try this.

We bet he was sore afterwards.

Epic graduation fails

3. Just when he thought he'd nailed it.

The ramp goes and trips him up.

Epic graduation fails

4. He -almost- made it...

The professors' reactions, lol.

Epic graduation fails

5. There's a step there.

He literally face planted the floor.

Epic graduation fails

6. Sprinkler system gone wrong.

The grad's were looking a little dehydrated.

Epic graduation fails

7. When even your bestie lets you fall.

That was unfortunate.

Epic graduation fails

8. The floor was slippery.

But it looks lovely and polished, right?

Epic graduation fails

9. "I don't want a real job"

This guy just didn't want to be a real adult now.

Epic graduation fails

10. It could have been so good.

A risky move to make.

Epic graduation fails