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24 Things to Do Before You Get Pregnant

The ultimate pre-baby bucket list

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16 May 2016

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The ultimate pre-baby bucket list

Starting your family is an exciting adventure, but before the stork arrives, it’s a great idea to do all the things you won’t be able to do soon.

Gone are the days of just you and your loved one, enjoying adventures together, making memories and laughing at private jokes. Soon, you’ll have a child, and everything really will change.

We’re not saying life ends when you have children – of course not! – but there are some things you probably will want to get under your belt before they arrive, and that’s not a bad thing.

So here’s some ideas to take advantage of before your bundle of joy arrives!

1. Go to bed as late as you want

And wake up as late as you possibly can!

Pre bucket baby list 1

2. When sick, look after only yourself

When struck with sickness, enjoy being able to wallow in your self-pity without having to put someone else first.

3. Watch adult movies

Take advantage of the fact you can watch those films rated 12, 15 and 18 plus at whatever time of the day you please.

4. Wear delicate clothes and jewellery

Without worrying little hands may grab then.

Pre baby bucket list 4

5. Enjoy expensive adult dinners

And indulge at expensive adult restaurants that don't allow children.

6. Bad language? Not a problem

Revel in being able to unleash a verbal fury when you stub your toe.

7. Cook a lovely meal together at home

And enjoy sitting down and eating it while it’s hot.

8. Decorate your home with whatever you want…

Glass furnishings with sharp edges? Why not!

Pre baby bucket list 8

9. Travel as much as possible

Whether near or far - book a trip to the place you've always dreamed of, head across the world for an adventure holiday or simply explore what your home has to offer properly.

10. Treat yourself with a peaceful manicure

And don't forget the pedicure at the salon! Or go with a girlfriend. Enjoy splurging on those toes, lady!

11. Stock up on all food you think is delicious

And enjoy eating it before you start getting morning sickness.

Pre baby bucket list 11

12. Go to the gym

Get into the habit of exercising before, so when you are pregnant, your body can stay fit and healthy.

13. Learn how to cook!

Yes, cereals and fast food have been great so far, but your future children will thank you for diversifying your skills in the kitchen.

14. Take your time getting ready

Whether it's for a day out or evening adventure... Revel in the fact you don't have to rush yourself!

15. Go on a date to the movies together!

You don't have to worry about staying out late, missing your child or expensive babysitter costs.

16. Own a car because it’s cool…

Not because of school runs.

Pre baby bucket list 16

17. Watch an entire TV show

Whichever you choose, enjoy watching it without interruption.

18. Go camping together

Or enjoy a concert! Indulge in child-free activities as much as possible.

19. Go shopping together

And treat yourselves for no particular reason whatsoever.

Pre baby bucket list 19

20. Get your finances in order

You've now got the chance to pay any credit cards you have, or sort out any outstanding bills…

21. Buy a house!

22. Enjoy a photo-shoot

It could be an individual photo-shoot, or a couples one with your better half.

Pre baby bucket list 23

23. Take some time to declutter your home together

You’ll find yourself with room to breathe and more opportunity to enjoy your space before it gets filled with baby gear.

24. Indulge in as many brunches as you want or can.

Every weekend, every month or however much as you want. Don't forget BBQs, elegant meals out, catching-up with friends as well... All without having little ones to take care of!