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4 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Boost Fertility

Changes both men and women should make when TTC.

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19 July 2017

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4 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Boost Fertility

With both male and female Infertility rates on the ascent, way of living have been under the scanner in the last couple of decades. It has been set up that specific way of life elements can interfere with a couple's capacity to conceive. Sometimes, simple lifestyle changes can boost your fertility and help you conceive.

Eat a healthy, clean diet.

A healthy diet plays a major factor in helping you boost fertility levels and prepare for pregnancy. Optimum fertility begins with the nutrients that you put into your body and there are specific fertility ‘superfoods’ that can have a positive impact on the health of eggs and sperm.

Perhaps one of the best-known vitamins necessary for pregnancy is folic acid. This common B9 vitamin is naturally found in lentils; dried beans and peas; dark green vegetables such as broccoli or spinach.
Mothers-to-be aren’t the only ones who should be eating leafy greens, males also need to think about what is going into their bodies too. Men can improve the quality of their sperm and fertility by increasing their intake of folic acid.

Exercise Daily

Aside from the common risk factors associated with being overweight such as heart disease or diabetes, carrying excess weight plays a major influence on fertility levels.

Women who are overweight can experience hormonal imbalances, and an overproduction of certain hormones can disrupt the menstrual cycle and ovulation. For men, being overweight can lead to decreased sperm production.

Thirty minutes of gentle exercise 4-5 times a week can make a big difference to a couple’s chances of conceiving. Try going for long walks with your partner or a quick cycle around the local park. If you are an active gym-goer, just watch your intensity levels, working out excessively can have a detrimental effect on fertility.

Quit Smoking

Stopping Cigarette/Shisha can be a test, yet now that you are attempting to Conceive, it is an incredible time to inspire yourself and say no to smoking. Smoking is a major no-no during pregnancy at any rate. In any case, what most couples disregard is the impact of smoking on fertility. Female smokers are three to four times more likely to have issues getting pregnant.

Nicotine has always been a bad effect on fertility. Even if conception occurs, fetal abnormalities and obstetric complications have been always noted.

If you are trying to conceive and want to quit smoking, there are many ways to help you quit smoking. From gums to botanical supplements, these aids have made butting out easier than ever.

Say no to alcohol

As most of you are aware, alcohol consumption is not suggested during pregnancy. But even when you are trying to conceive it is vital to constrain your alcohol utilization. As alcohol can have very bad effects on your fertility. Women who drink five or more than five drinks a week are actually proven to conceive less.

Women who drink regularly are also at an increased risk of experiencing irregular periods, irregularity in ovulation, early menopause and even miscarriage. For males, it can lead to reduced testosterone levels and problems with sperm motility.