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Advice You Need to Hear When Trying To Conceive (TTC)

Besides all of the medical jargon you’ll get from your OB/GYN, here’s some advice that you probably need to hear as well.

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3 July 2017

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Advice You Need to Hear When TTC

Sure, there’s lots of conception and baby related questions you probably have for your OB/GYN, and while they’re always happy to answer your worries or curiosities with their medical expertise, sometimes you just need to hear some friendly advice.

Doctors always here the common fertility questions, like how much should you be having sexual intercourse to get pregnant, does position matter and what this and that means.

The ultimate tips and advice to help you conceive

But when it comes down to it, for anyone who is struggling to conceive and facing infertility, they probably just want to hear some friendly advice like this…

1. You are not alone in this

For anyone experience infertility, they’ll understand it can be incredibly isolating… After all, those negative pregnancy tests aren’t necessarily the topic of choice when conversing with your gals. Nonetheless, while your situation may feel unique in your social circle, there are millions of other women and couples who are struggling with exactly the same issues as you are.

They too have seen fertility doctors, had surgeries, have had failed IVF cycles and have considered egg donation and even adoption.

Joining a Facebook group, blogging about your infertility or even just finding someone in the same boat as you to talk to while likely make what you’re going through that little bit easier. Just remember that you’re not alone, and there are loads of other women and couples experiencing the same as you, who will no doubt be valuable listeners and advice-givers to guide and support you.

2. You did NOT cause this

It’s easy to lay blame on your better half or yourself when it comes to infertility… The reality is that nothing either of you did – from the endless consumption of alcohol at university to the boat-load of coffee you have drank at work, to all of the sugary foods you’ve indulged in – caused your infertility. In fact, in so many cases, experts cannot explain why a couple are experiencing infertility.

What you shouldn’t be doing is beating yourselves up about it, and let your doctor and OB/GYN help treat your infertility together.

Remember to take breaks from all of the fertility stress – head to the mall, have a spa day, enjoy a meal together at your favourite restaurant… This is just as important in terms of self-care.

3. You will be a parent

We appreciate it’s difficult to believe when you’re in the midst of an infertility roadblock, but remember, there is almost always light at the end of the tunnel. Parenthood can be achieved in so many different ways nowadays; whether that’s naturally, or after an IVF cycle, or by artificial insemination… Plus, it can happen by using a surrogate. And last but not least, it can also happen after adoption.

It’s important to remember that your conception journey will no doubt take make unexpected turns, and have peaks and valleys you’re unprepared for. But if you stay on course, you should eventually reach your destination.