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Are You Ready To Have A Baby?

Ask yourself these 5 questions first.

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19 June 2017

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Are You Ready To Have A Baby?

Once you and your partner decide to have a baby, it can be tempting to jump into deciding baby names, what the baby's room will look like, what you are going to caption your first selfie with the baby etc.

And one may argue that you can never be completely ready to be a parent, there are issues more important than the baby's wardrobe that require thought and introspection on the part of the parents to be.

Here are 5 questions you should be able to answer if you are looking to get pregnant.

How has your relationship been lately?

If your relationship with your significant other has been rocky, do not expect a baby to fix that. Yes, a baby will bring you closer as a couple, but it also tests your relationship as there will be more fights than ever before. When a baby arrives there is a lot of work to be done and communication is key.

If your relationship is not steady without a baby, it will be worse off when the baby arrives.

Are you in a good place financially?

News flash: Bringing a child into this world and raising him/her is NOT cheap. You have to decide - are you or your partner going to stay at home to be with the baby or is the baby going to be with a relative/at a day care centre? Day care centres, especially for infants, are expensive.

It is probably wise to redo your budget and realise that you may have to give up on splurging on shoes and fancy dinners every month.

What is your job's maternity and paternity policy?

Maternity and paternity policies vary widely depending on your profession and location. Knowing how much time you have off and what your pay will be throughout the maternity period can help you plan the pregnancy better.

Are you both ready for more chores?

Unless you are rich and can afford domestic help/nannies, get ready to do triple the amount of chores that you are used to doing right now. And if your husband is one of those "I'm never going to change a diaper" types, it's time to have a real talk.

Are you both ready to give up 'me time'?

Brunches with friends, parties with your partner, and even everyday activities like going to the gym will seem like an impossible feat once a baby comes into your life. If you are ready to give up on this (especially initially), then you are ready for a baby.

If you still want to achieve goals, travel etc. you may want to hold off for a few years.