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How to Take Control of Your Conception

For those of you trying to get pregnant, it helps to take control of the process

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26 April 2018

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Taking control of conception with Unique Natural Birthing

When it comes to trying to conceive, you've probably heard people say 'we are what we eat', or 'you need to put your heart and soul into it'... But at Unique Natural Birthing, we want you to put these two sayings together and invite you to apply it to your personal research about conception.

Trying to get pregnant can be an emotional journey, with high points and low turns, but the thing to remember that will benefit your fertility journey while trying to get pregnant is simply this: taking control of the process.

Conception is a difficult topic, because it can have a very different meaning from woman to woman.

Not all recommendations apply across all cases, nonetheless, what we articulate here can be beneficial across the board - and we hope that those of you who are trying to conceive in Dubai give it a try.

Here's why combining these two phrases, 'we are what we eat', and 'you need to put your heart and soul into it' can help you to control your conception and fertility process:

"We are what we eat"

The trend of eating healthier, natural and organic is not just a trend. If you do your research, you'll find the need to go deeper and deeper to only find out that as humans, we are energy. And thus, we need good energy in order to sustain.

Our bodies are not designed for certain types of food on a regular basis, and we absorb energy from what we eat - hence, the energy of the source is also important.

It is our adaptation to modern society that can distort our access to basic, nutritional components that ultimately affect our body's functionality, and it can certainly impact our ability to conceive.

It's important to maintain emotional balance...

When it comes to conception, it is important to manage the outcome of any research you do as well as your emotional balance; it is not your fault for not knowing. And you shouldn't blame any lifestyle motto or trends as they make no difference.

It might feel difficult to learn about the basics, but by enhancing your eating habits, this positive change can make a significant impact on your conception.

Why not speak to a naturalist who are experts in nutrition? They can help you build a plan directed towards maximising your conception functionality. You can reach out to Unique Natural Birthing, to know more about this.

Couple trying to conceive in Dubai

"Your need to put your heart and soul into it"

When any couple trying to get pregnant in Dubai embark on their conception journey, they may get lucky - or may struggle more.

There are many shades of colours when it comes to the subject of conception, however, other than being 'what we eat', and ensuring we do not expose ourselves to harmful chemicals in the process, there is a mystical element of trying to conceive.

Being present and joyful in looking for your baby.

In other words, don't let tracking your ovulation or any kind of other intervention distract you from being there in heart and soul in the act, because your energy is needed in the making.

Your journey to conception should be joyful, and will consolidate your marriage as a base to getting pregnant, rather than your fertility journey becoming a stressful experience.

To conclude, there is a gap of understanding regarding conception, which is worth exploring. The most important element is for you to be in control of your fertility, and maintain your physical, mental and spiritual health for you, your family and the little one soon to join it.

Celebrate and enjoy you and your couple in the present, while you act towards having a baby in the future. Keep positive thoughts for positive manifestations!

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