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15 Must-Have Back to School Items for Dubai Students

Before you send your kids back to school this September, make sure they're well prepared using our school supplies list

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14 August 2019

15 Dubai Back To School Must-Have Deals

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Whether you're a new parent or you're sorting through stationery of semesters past, you know you need a school supplies list packed with all the essentials. Our school days may long be over, but we know what it was like shopping for a new academic year. The last thing you want is your kid missing schoolwork because the stationery pouch is missing a few extra pieces.

For a stress-free summer shopping, we've got a back to school must haves list that fits all your child's needs. Better yet, you can order everything - backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and more - online so you and the kids can just relax and enjoy the final few weeks of summer break before the new school semester starts.

1. Captain America School Bag With Pencil Case & Lunch Bag Blue

WAS AED 240.45. Perfect for the little superhero in the family, this Marvel-themed backpack comes with a matching Captain America shield pencil case and lunch bag. Waterproof and durable, the bag also comes with light-reflecting strips to reflect light and shine, which is important for your child's safety especially at night.
AED 93.45

2. A Little Lovely Company Mini Mermaid Backpack

WAS AED 95. Crafted with a sturdy, comfortable material and designed with an adorable mermaid, this children's backpack from A Little Lovely Company is ideal for fairy-tale lovers. Great for students in kindergarden and early elementary classes.
AED 82

3. Focus School Backpack Bag With Front Compartment

For the slightly bigger kids in middle school, Focus School's floral pink backpack is perfectly made for the student who's school ready and adventure-ready. The backpack comes with a unique floral pattern and its durable build can withstand outdoor activities.
AED 40

4. Herschel Heritage Youth Backpack Woodland Camo

WAS AED 230. Great for kids from middle to highschool, Herschel's backpack is a stylish, classic schoolyard favourite.
AED 214

5. Lock & Lock Red Lunch Bag With 2 Boxes

WAS AED 58. This insulating set from Lock & Lock will keep your child's food fresh for longer. The lunch set comes with a red bag, consisting of 2 x 350 ml food containers, one spoon and one fork.
AED 49

6. Fusion Rose Pencil Case Dark Blue

A spacious pencil case allowing for plenty of stationery storage, with a large zip pocket and a handle for easy carry.
AED 26

7. Ipac Extreme Pencil Case Black

Has plenty of storage space for different stationery materials. This piece from Ipac takes on the classic pencil case with a trendy graphic design.
AED 26

8. Zipit Grillz Monster Mini Pouch

Students can store their coins and cash in the mouth of this guarding monster. The clip allows the pouch to stay attached to backpacks, for less worry about losing wallets while at school or outdoors. Clipping the pouch to the backpack lets kids easily reach for money when they need to.
AED 24

9. Smily Kiddos A5 Lined Exercise Black Book

Make schoolwork fun for kids with these A5 lined exercise books with a fun, neon space theme. Each notebook has 64 pages, subject space, date area, and ruled margins.

10. Smily Kiddos A5 Lined Exercise Pink Book

Homework will feel less boring with this bright and cute notebook with 64 pages, subject space, date area, and ruled margins.

11. Crayola Colored Pencils Long 12pcs

Perfect for school projects and art activities, Crayola's pack of 12 colouring pencils are made with thick leads with smooth colours so they won't break easily under heavy hand pressure.
AED 13.65

12. Bic Coloring Felt Pen Visa 18pcs

Enhance art projects with this pack of 18 colouring felt pens from Bic.
AED 11.20

#13. Bic Cristal Assorted Pen 10pcs

A pack of 10 ball pens with an assortment of essential writing colours - black, blue, red, and green - for the best-written school notes.

14. Smily Kiddos Llama Eraser Set

These llama shaped erasers are super easy to hold, and are large (measuring 10cm x 11cm x 2.5cm each) and durable enough to last through many school days. The adorable animal erasers encourage children to preserve them for a long time, minimising the chance of stationery being carelessly tossed and misplaced.
AED 14

15. Drink In The Box Eco Friendly Reusable Drink & Juice Box Container 8oz

WAS AED 52. A reusable, rectangular-shaped drink bottle that's (Bisphenol A and phthalate) BPA free and made of medical-grade silicone seals. The airtight design helps to prevent leaks and the material is sturdy enough to withstand drops, bumps, tumbles down the stairs, and being thrown against the wall.
AED 48

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