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16 Best Disney Halloween Costumes for Girls

Your handy online shopping guide to the best Disney costumes your kid will love for Halloween

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12 September 2019

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Children's Halloween Costumes Buying Guide: Disney

Let your little one's childhood dreams come true...

If you're a mum in the midst of searching for a Halloween costume for the Disney-lover in the family, we've got you covered.

Ahead, we've compiled the only online shopping guide you'll need for the perfect Disney-inspired costume this Halloween - or any occasion for that matter.

From classics such as the Disney princesses to the adventurous, rowdy girls like Cowgirl Jessie, you're sure to find the best event-ready costume for any of Disney's most beloved ladies.

1. Princess Ariel Costume

Dress your little one as the curious and lovable mermaid princess Ariel. Don't forget to add her signature red hair, which you can buy here from Amazon.

Her costume is available on Amazon from AED 101.

2. Princess Jasmine Costume

From Arabian nights to Halloween night, this Princess Jasmine costume is perfect for any child who loves the Aladdin series.

Add it to your shopping cart here for AED 125

3. Princess Rapunzel Costume

Your adventurous princess can dress the part this Halloween as the daring star of Disney's Tangled.

Get it from Amazon starting from AED 131

4. Princess Belle Costume

What better way to take on the spooky season of monsters and beasts than someone who knows how to deal with one. This adorable Belle costume will melt the heart of any beast this Halloween.

Buy it from Amazon, with sizes starting from AED 82.23

5. Princess Tiana Costume

This lovely Tiana dress from Amazon is perfect for the hard-working little princess with big aspirations.

6. Princess Cinderella Costume

A classic, timeless costume.

Find it here on Amazon from AED 128.54

7. Princess Merida Costume

If your kid had the chance to their fate...-d costume, they wouldn't with this adorable Merida piece.

Available on Amazon starting from AED 138

8. Mulan Costume

She might not officially be a princess, but the saviour of Ancient China gained royal recognition for all her brave efforts. Disney's Mulan wouldn't be where she is without the (mis)guidance of her family spirit dragon Mushu. Get him here from Amazon for the perfect Halloween sidekick.

Shop it here from AED 172

9. Princess Snow White Costume

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best princess costume of them all?

Buy it here from AED 56.40

10. Moana Costume

So, yes, she's not a princess. Moana is the daughter of a village chief, a descendant of the first voyagers, and the girl who saved her home from literal gods and monsters. Pretty sure that's even better.

This lovely Moana costume from Amazon is available from AED 66 and has over 400 four-star reviews.

11. Queen Elsa Costume

Elsa isn't just a princess, she's the queen of a northern kingdom and, for a few years, the queen of every little girl's top songs to sing.

Head over to Amazon and shop the costume from AED 93. It comes with an additional crown, braided wig for Elsa's gorgeous platinum blonde hair, necklace, and gloves to conceal her powers.

12. Princess Anna Costume

Dress your little princess as the brave, chocolate-loving sister of Queen Elsa.

Buy it here from AED 93. This costume from Amazon comes with her emerald green tiara and matching gloves.

13. Cowgirl Jessie Costume

Trusty Amazon review: "I was expecting a typical Halloween costume type material, but its not!! Its made like a normal day to day dress which i LOVE! My girl loves to dress up & often doesn't want to take her dress up clothes off when we go out places. With this she can play & be dressed for the public at the same time! Quality was great, material is much thicker than i imagined, seems as if it will withstand hard play pretty well. Came fast, packaged well, no [weird] smells or flaws. I haven't washed it yet & its a Christmas present so i wont know durability until then, it looks & feels as if it will last a while tho, definitely recommend, especially for the price!"

Available on Amazon for AED 119

14. Tinker Bell Costume

The famous Peter Pan fairy is perfect for those who love a little mischief this Halloween.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 129

15. Alice Costume

Halloween season is when we're all a little mad and things don't look like our daily routine, which makes this Alice costume so fitting for the occasion.

Buy it here from AED 137

16. Boo Costume

If you know Monster's Inc., you know there's a little girl who's not afraid of monsters - she even calls her favourite one "kitty". Boo is the ideal Halloween costume for the kid who's not afraid of what goes bump at night.

To fit right in with the other monsters this Halloween, find Boo's monster costume here from Amazon for AED 230.

Alternatively, this AED 14 pink dress from SheInside is a great dupe for Boo's outfit. Add in some twin ponytails, white socks, and purple pants, to complete the outfit.

Kids Halloween Costumes Buying Guide: Disney

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