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The Best Baby Strollers With An Easy One-Hand Fold

The easy one-hand fold strollers that are perfect between work, leisure, and errands for the parent who's constantly on the go

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29 October 2019

The Best Baby Strollers With An Easy One-Hand Fold

One of these is the ideal durable and convenient buggy for you and your little one

Whether you're tucking your toddler into the infant car seat or flying with your newborn on an airplane, there's always that one hurdle no matter how "right" the stroller is - wrestling the hunk of metal and plastic into a compact shape so you can get on with your plans.

For new mums, it might not seem like such a big deal, but it'll make sense when the baby is crying on your arm while you're trying to shove the stroller into the car trunk. If you're always on the go, a dependable stroller that's easy to pack-up is a must-have.

Here are the best one-hand fold strollers to benefit your growing family.

1. This Hauck stroller is easy to fold, easy to push, and comfy and safe for the baby.

Includes a large hood with UV protection from the UAE sun, a generously spaced shopping basket, as well as a practical cup and food holder.

2. The BABY PLUS stroller and pram comes with swivel sheels, a sturdy frame, reclining back rest, protective canopy, and a one-hand fold feature with a second lock for mum's convenience

We love that it's easy to fold and has front swivel wheels for smoother movement, great for various terrains like sand, earth, and city roads. The compact design makes it great for travelling and storing at home.

3. The Evenflo baby stroller is lightweight and can be fold up so quickly and tightly that it can even go into an airplane overhead compartment.

4. Hauck's one-hand fold baby stroller comes with a comfortable reclining seat, shopping basket, and practical trays - perfect for the mum-on-the go.

5. Fisher-Price's buggy folds really fast and it totally dummy-proof. With one hand, the whole thing can collapse flat for quick packing.

6. The Chicco Miinimo stroller is a lightweight, compact, and easy one-hand fold piece that's suitable for jogging mums. The added travel bag, rain cover, multi-position backrest, and gentle padded belt will keep your baby comfortable on all those jogging sessions.

7. If you're looking for a buggy that's more unique, this zebra-striped baby stroller comes with a fun little umbrella for the chic mummy-and-baby pair on the block.

8. Do away with the typical colour-block buggy and add an adorable animal-themed baby stroller to your shopping cart.

Mums can choose from an assortment of colours and animals including sharks and raccoons.

9. For a more subtle playful buggy, these animal-eared one-hand fold baby strollers come in a selection of six vibrant shades.

10. Mums with twins or two little ones will know the near-Olympic-sport struggle of wrestling a twin buggy. Thankfully, Evenflo's double baby stroller has an easy compact fold and narrow design.

11. Chicco Cortina's top-of-the-line buggy provides a comfy and secure environment for your baby's earliest adventures out of the nest, and folds up easily and compactly with one hand - just like magic!

12. Equipped with two full size seats, a bench seat and a standing platform, a 5-point safety harness for maximum safety, the one-hand easy fold double stroller from Baby Trend is perfect for families with two children.

13. If you already have an infant car seat, this easy snap and go baby carrier can fit most baby seat designs.

14. Great for toddlers, this stylish, easy to fold baby stroller is sleek, practical, and has spacious seats for your child's comfort.

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