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Best Home Electronics Deals From Amazon Tech Bazaar This Week

Save big on home tech with these unmissable discounts from Amazon

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24 September 2019

by Clarice Awa
Best Home Electronics Deals From Amazon Tech Bazaar This Week

Get yourself new electronic kitchenware, Amazon smart device, or a 4K television to binge-watch your favourite shows in HD

Amazon Tech Bazaar is upon us from September 24 - 29, which means many online shoppers in the UAE have been given the chance to take advantage of hundreds of electronics deals - some of them are good deals, some of them not so good. There are heaps of significant discounts on popular home electronics that no doubt will be sold out within minutes, but there are a few cool techs that count as hidden gems.

To make it easier for you, we've pulled out some of the top home technology deals that are worth adding to your shopping cart and shelling out your cash for. That includes an ultra HD smart TV for the perfect movie night at home and a handy new robot vacuum cleaner.

Better act fast, these deals will come and go.

Want your new electronics as soon as tomorrow?

For the living room

1. Samsung 55 Inch Curved Smart 4K UHD TV (2019)

ORIGINALLY AED 3,099. Save a thousand dirhams on this ultra HD smart TV. With its impressive 4K moving picture quality, you won't miss on a single detail on your favourite movies, shows, or videos from your external drive. The Dolby Digital Plus Audio Technology offers rich, clear audio so you can enjoy music at the best sound. The additional Smart Hub and Samsung One Remote features gives you full control of your TV, including access to YouTube, Netflix, and more.

Trusted Amazon review: "I love my TV. Original TV for a very good price! Kudos.. I am loving it"

Available on Amazon for AED 2,099

2. Samsung 49 Inch Curved Smart 4K UHD TV (2019)

ORIGINALLY AED 2,299. For those looking for a slightly smaller and slimmer option, this one is for you - the 49" curved smart TV comes with four times more pixels than a regular HD TV, so viewers can watch crisp and sharp visuals without compromising the small details and quality.

Trusted Amazon review: "Good budget price for a very nice quality TV, sound system is also great! recommend if you're looking for budget price TV"

Available on Amazon for AED 1,699

3. Home Theatre Projector

ORIGINALLY AED 559. Ever feel like turning your living room into your own personal cinema? Get over 20% discount on this theatre projector and take movie nights to a whole new level at home. Then grab some popcorn, throw some pillows and blankets, turn down the lights, and enjoy your beloved movie, show, or that new flick.

Trusted Amazon review: "Best native 720p resolution projector. The projector is every bit as good as advertised. I use it to play PS3 so the resolution is perfect for me, best part is that it can be mounted on a tripod. My only complaint is that the power cable is a bit on the shorter side especially if you are using it with a tripod setup."

Available on Amazon for AED 445.

4. Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

ORIGINALLY AED 524. See, hear, and speak to visitors at your door using only your phone, tablet, or computer. This WiFi-enabled doorbell alerts you as soon as motion is detected or if someone presses the doorbell. The live video feed enables you to clearly see who is at your doorstep. As an extra bonus, if your electronic doorbell ever gets stolen, it comes with a lifetime theft protection where you can get a replacement for free!

Trusted Amazon review: "So practical and so helpful and very easy to install and use"

Available on Amazon for AED 399

5. Crownline Floor Air Conditioner

ORIGINALLY AED 345.45. Portable and lightweight, this floor air conditioner is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Keep cool while out in the garden, terrace, patio, and beyond, or use it for extra cooling while inside the home.

Available on Amazon from AED 282

6. Black & Decker Steam Iron With Ceramic Soleplate

ORIGINALLY AED 155. Keep clothes and other fabrics pressed and neat using its ceramic coated soleplate, and helpful features such as the steam burst, vertical steam, anti-drip, and self-cleaning mode.

Available on Amazon for AED 85

For the kitchen

7. LG Top Mount Refrigerator, Platinum Silver - 780 litres

ORIGINALLY AED 3,149. Grab this family fridge for over 20% off which comes with linear cooling, multi-air flow to keep your groceries and leftovers fresh for longer, and a 10-year compressor warranty. It can hold a max gross capacity of 780 litres.

Available on Amazon from AED 2,466

8. Moulinex Blender Ultrablend+

ORIGINALLY AED 999. Powerfully blends fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients using this ultrablender, featuring an intuitive digital display to let you know the blending time and speed, large capacity, six automatic pre-set functions, durable motor, and six stainless steel blades for efficient ingredient extraction.

Trusted Amazon review: "Best for sorbet and recipes using rice flour. Fantastic product!!! From ice crush to the perfect sorbet to a hot soup, its been our family's answer to every healthy and quick blend."

Available on Amazon for AED 699

9. Crownline 2 Slices Stainless Steel Toaster - Silver

Make your morning toasts as you prefer using its six pre-set functions, giving you a range of heat from lightly toasted bread to a crunchy, crisp slice.

Available on Amazon for AED 78.75

10. Black+Decker 400W Juice Extractor With Wide Chute - White

ORIGINALLY AED 145. Perfect for whipping up fresh, healthy juices or extracts for your next dish.

Trusted Amazon review: "A Good Juicer for home use, especially for people who are looking a healthy diet without burning their wallet. Best in this price range."

Available on Amazon for AED 85

11. Sonashi 1.8 Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle

Receiving an average rating of more than 4-stars from verified Amazon reviews, this affordable kettle from Sonashi deserves a spot in your coffee or tea routine.

Trusted Amazon review: "Very good value for money! I would highly recommend it. It’s very good and safe. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks and I didn’t face any problems until now. It feels to me like there is no difference between this one and the expensive ones i had before"

Available on Amazon for AED 27

12. ThermoPro TP50 Digital LCD Temperature Meter


This temperature metre received a 4-star rating based on over 13,000 verified reviews on Amazon. Great for monitoring the temperature and humidity of a room or space, especially if you're cooking or creating something that's temperature-sensitive.

Trusted Amazon review: "This easy to use, AAA battery operated device clearly displays temperature & humidity. It has a stand and a magnet so that you can put it anywhere. Temps can be displayed in either Fahrenheit & Celsius— just flip a switch on the back. It also keeps track of your record temp range & humidity, for the life of the unit. [note: If you’re monitoring a space & need to know the fluctuations throughout the day...this is NOT the unit for you.]. The box comes with a battery & contact Information if you need help. Overall this little unit does what it says & what I need."

Available on Amazon for AED 45

For the home office

13. Acer Aspire A114-32-C2VZ


Avail more than 20% off on this lightweight 14" mid-range laptop, ideal for personal, basic use at home. Specs include a 4GB RAM, UHD Graphics 600 card, crisp audio quality, and long battery life.

Available on Amazon for AED 849

14. Wireless Charger

ORIGINALLY AED 89.99. Super convenient - go wireless and charge your phone by simply setting it down in this charging pad.

Trusted Amazon review: "Works great even with cases. I use this every day that I’m in the office and it works like a charm. Fast charging and responds quickly after placing my phone on it, even with my Apple silicone case. I like it so much that I bought a second one for my dad. Highly recommended."

Available on Amazon from AED 76

For home security

15. Ring Spotlight Cam Wired - HD Security Camera with LED Spotlight

ORIGINALLY AED 839. Add an additional layer of security to your house with this home security camera that comes with an HD video feed and LED spotlight so the footage is clear even when it's dark. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Trusted Amazon review: "Very good product, easy to set up and the image is clear."

Available on Amazon for AED 699

16. Foscam C1 Lite Indoor Security Surveillance Camera

ORIGINALLY AED 199. Thanks to its live HD camera, wide-angle lens, motion detector, and built-in features to see even through dim lighting, you can rest easy knowing your house just became extra secure. A great budget option, it includes two-way audio so you can hear what's going on on the other side, and they can also hear you from the other end - giving you more communication and security.

Available on Amazon for AED 99

17. Xiaomi Mi Home 360° Security Camera

Save with nearly 20% this affordable home security camera that gathered a 4.7-star rating from over 60 verified Amazon reviews in the UAE.

Trusted Amazon review: "Really nice to have it at home. It works as advertize. I can monitor my home even when im anywhere or outside the country. The motion detector auto record works flawlessly. It record anymovement in the vicinity. Hope they add an option to make a location for recording to cloud."

Available on Amazon for AED 109

For cleaning the home

18. Robot vacuum cleaner

With its 5-star rating, it's no surprise why this robot vacuum cleaner is a much-loved home electronic. Lightweight, easy to clean, and can mop up both dry and wet dirt, this time-saving device is a must-have for any modern household.

Available on Amazon for AED 395

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