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Fun School Supplies For the Stylish Kid on the Block

Fun and stylish school supplies that will make kids feel hyper-organised and excited for the new school year

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19 August 2019

Fun School Supplies For the Stylish Kid on the Block

Your notebooks, planners, stationery, and other school supplies can actually look this good

Back to school season may sound horrid to your kid, but school supply shopping can be exciting enough to make them look forward to the new academic year. With amazingly stylish school gear, they'll feel ready to take on anything the new semester throws their way.

If you and your kid enjoy a stylish lifestyle, why should choosing school supplies be any different? Check out our list of fun and fashionable school supplies.

And mums? You can also use them at your nine-to-five job.

#1 Ban.Do Emotional Notepad

However your kid is feeling, this notepad from Ban.Do has almost every emotion to match it. They can use it to express happy notes, sad notes, "ughhh" notes, "eh, whatever" notes, and "this is the cutest thing", which is what they'll feel when they get this notepad.
AED 63

#2 Talking Tables Bohol Frida Khalo Notebook

Perfect for the young artist, this notebook is sure to inspire them with one of the best modern painters in female history.
AED 48

#3 Nebulous Stars Mini Note Set Nebulia

Make sure your kid is prepared when they're asked "Where did you get that?" like a hundred times by their friends. This galaxy-studded note set comes with seven sticky note styles, one notepad, 150 stickers (to make note-taking fun), one ball pen, and two gel pens with fun pom poms, metallic charms, and scented ink.
AED 28

#4 Smily Kiddos Candy Scented Highlighter

Deliciously candy-scented, silky highlighters that will add a playful touch to any stationery pouch. The colours are vivid, fast-drying, easy to clean with water, and can also work on white fabric and synthetic blends.
AED 12

#5 Smily Kiddos Scented Heart Pen Holder

Made from soft, environmentally friendly material, this sweetly scented stationery holder is a must for any school table, study or office desk.
AED 32

#6 Fred Sprout Little Green Bookmarks

Small, durable, and portable, these plant bookmarks look super adorable sticking up out of the pages. You don't have to worry about them folding and tearing like paper bookmarks due to its rubbery material. Perfect for the bookworm kids or parents.
AED 37.90

#7 Dayna Lee "What Mistake?" Jumbo Eraser

Do away with any big mistakes with this jumbo-sized eraser. Its large size is sure to last throughout the whole school year, and we won't tell anyone if you need more than one eraser.
AED 32

#8 Woodland Creatures Sticky Memo Tabs

This pack of cute animal stickers can be used as page markers, memo tabs, bookmarks, and more. The set includes 360 sticky tabs, that's one note for almost every day of the year!
AED 67

#9 Smily Kiddos Fancy Biscuits Eraser Set

A pack of six realistic biscuit-themed erasers that are cute and fancy enough to encourage children to preserve them for a long time. Great to use and hold, but not to look at when you're feeling snacky.
AED 15

#10 Crayola Dynamic Duos

Crayola's Dynamic Duo features 10 scented colours with yummy scents of fruits. When used on the skin or clothes, the ink is easily washable. It's the perfect pack of colours to make any school project extra vibrant.
AED 31

#11 Tiny Treasure Ballerina

Store lunch money, commute cards, hair clips, hair bands, and more in this adorable 3D ballerina themed pouch. Attach it to your kid's bag so they can easily access it anytime.
AED 31.50

#12 Ban.Do Little Buddy Reporter Pad

With the stress and troubles of school, it may be hard to follow the three mottos. Keep it on hand as a reminder so it can boost your child's day.
AED 63

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