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What Parents Need to Know Before Taking Kids to a Theatre Show in the UAE

Ahead of the spectacular theatrical show of The Little Mermaid in Dubai, here are some top tips to help you and your little one enjoy the onstage adventure.

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24 February 2020

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8 Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Theatre in the UAE

Witness an exciting re-telling of your favourite underwater fairytale onboard a legendary British ship

From March 26 - April 4, parents and little ones are invited to join the Little Mermaid, the handsome Prince, the Sea King, Sea Witch, and a whole cast of colourful characters in a theatrical show based on the classic fairytale.

Brought to life on stage at Theatre by QE2 with H2 Productions, watch the timeless tale of a mermaid who dreams of a life above the waves by becoming human, but is tricked by an evil Sea Witch into bargaining her voice to fulfil her wish to find her true love.

With help from her sea friends including a comedic crab, adorable fish, and a funny little seagull, this fun-filled show will enthral and charm the entire family on a day out at the theatres! Experience the sea-faring adventure onboard a British legend of the high seas, the Queen Elizabeth 2 docked permanently in Dubai.

Before you and your kid head off to the iconic ship-turned-hotel to watch The Little Mermaid, we've prepared 8 top tips to prepare kids to see a theatre show.

1. Book your tickets in advance

The Little Mermaid is a timeless favourite, whether it's the Hans Christian Anderson classic or the popular Disney animated film, little ones know who the lovable and brave red-haired underwater princess is. H2 Productions has seen many sold-out family entertainment shows in the Middle East, and their unique adaption is one that won't disappoint!

8 Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Theatre in the UAE

In general, it's best to buy your tickets in advance for a popular theatre production. Don't miss out and avoid disappointment by booking your tickets now!

2. Pick a seat by the aisles

When picking your seats, you might want to choose the ones that will make it easier to walk out of the theatre, or if you and your child need a quick bathroom break.

Kids who are four years old and below can enjoy FREE entrance to the The Little Mermaid, so picking an aisle seat would be convenient if you have a stroller with you.

This also helps in minimising disruption and ensures you're back quick enough to avoid missing out too much.

3. Bring a blanket, sweater, or your child's favourite item

Most theatres can get quite cold, so you want to keep your child warm and comfortable by bringing a blanket or sweater.

The Little Mermaid has its own share of exciting plot points that may thrill or make the little one anxious, such as the mermaid princess giving up her voice to the Sea Witch. Other than mum, your kid will appreciate having something familiar and comforting to hold onto.

8 Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Theatre in the UAE

4. Talk to your child about what you're watching

If your kid is old enough to understand, talk to them about the fun family day out you have in plan! Get them excited about the experience by reading the fairytale classic before bed, or playing the Disney adaptation's soundtrack during car rides to school.

5. Invite another adult to the show

Whether it's your friend, partner, relative, it's a great idea to have another adult with you at the theatre performance. If ever you need to step out for a while - for a bathroom break, phone call, etc. - you won't be leaving your child and belongings alone.

Alternatively, turn your trip to The Little Mermaid into a play date! Invite their best friend and mum along for a lovely day out.

6. Snacks, snacks, snacks

It's recommended you pack your kid's favourite snacks before his or her trip to the theatres and make sure they're well-fed with breakfast or lunch so they don't get too hungry during the show.

You can also check out the snacks on offer at the venue if your child gets the munchies.

8 Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Theatre in the UAE

7. Set a spending limit

Shows that immerse kids in a beautiful fantasy will more than often trigger their *need* for merchandise. Be prepared for your child to start begging for the prettiest (and expensive) Little Mermaid on the shelf.

To avoid coming home with your kid hugging a toy that might run out of play-interest in a few weeks, mums are advised to set a limit. Avoid toy shops after a performance or place rules, for example - "You can pick only one small toy."

8. Theatre etiquette

Before the show, have a talk with your kid on how to behave while in the theatre. As The Little Mermaid is a family show, there are occasions where little ones start talking or yelling at the cast during an exciting or interactive scene.

Teaching your children about the basics of theatre etiquette could help in instilling good habits for future trips to a live show.

It's still a great idea for parents and children to observe the etiquette rules of theatre where it's possible, which includes placing your phone on silent, avoid talking loudly, and staying until the end to applaud the cast and crew.

Details for your calendar

  • Where: Theatre by QE2, Queen Elizabeth 2, Dubai
  • When: March 26 - April 4, 2020
  • Timing: Shows are from 11 am to 5 pm
  • Buy your tickets here.

Tickets are now available for AED 108 (5 - 11 years old), AED 135 (12 years old and above), and children four years old and below go for FREE!

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