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Kids Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect For Little Superheroes in the Family

We've rounded up the best superhero costumes for the little one who wants to save the world this Halloween

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10 September 2019

Kids Halloween Costumes Buying Guide: Superheroes

Halloween is around the corner...

There are two types of children when the spooky season comes around: those who already know what they want to be for Halloween, and those who don't want to tell you.

With new superhero movies being released every year, it's not surprising if your kid has one they look up to the most. Give your child a chance to feel extra super this October 31 by dressing them up as their villain-defeating idol.

But with heaps of crime-fighting protagonists on the big screen, it might be a challenge to narrow it down to just one. Ahead, we've compiled a list of the superheroes and superheroines children love and obsess with these days - you'll surely find your child's next costume in no time.

From Spiderman to Batgirl, here's your shopping guide to finding the best Halloween costume of their favourite superhero.

Marvel Heroes

1.) Iron Man

What UAE kid doesn't know Iron Man? Bring your child's favourite genius, billionaire, philanthropist Avenger to life with this costume from AED 124.

2.) Captain America

With an indestructible starred shield in one hand and a trick-or-treat bag in the other, we found the perfect Captain America costume for any little one who wants to fight for truth, justice, and candy this Halloween.

Buy it from Amazon from AED 166

3.) Black Panther

Wakanda Halloween would it be without the sleek, crime-fighting king hailing from an advanced, hidden nation in the heart of Africa.

Add it to your shopping cart for AED 145.95

4.) Black Widow

Dress up your child as Marvel's toughest assassin in the series. Don't forget the signature red wig to complete the Black Widow look!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 263

5.) Captain Marvel

She consumed the force of one of the universe's most powerful artefacts. Now, let your little girl consume the universe's most delicious Halloween treats with this Captain Marvel costume jacket complete with a mask and armbands.

Available on Amazon from AED 102

6. Gamora

When your child is dressed like Gamora, you know your Halloween is in safe hands with this guardian of the galaxy. You'll also know your kid's costume is in good hands with a Gamora costume that has over 400 four-star reviews on Amazon. Buy it from AED 157.

7. Shuri

She's not just the little sister of Black Panther, Shuri is also a tech wiz who might just surpass the genius, Iron Man! If your kid loves all things tech, then she might adore Shuri as well.

Grab the costume from Amazon for AED 139

8. Thor

This Thor costume for kids was worthy of over 300 four-star reviews on Amazon!

Complete the look with Thor's trusty hammer Mjolnir for AED 34, or upgrade it with his most recent weapon, Stormbreaker for AED 70

Purchase Thor's costume here from AED 78

9. Hulk

If your kids love the green giant, they'll love this smashing Hulk costume.

Purchase Thor's costume here from AED 78

10. Antman

His name might be little, but he's one fierce superhero with a giant heart - often literally.

But Antman's costume from Amazon for AED 70

11. Spiderman

There might be a hundred Spiderman adaptations, but kids love this web-slinging friendly neighbourhood crime fighter for a reason.

Add the classic Spiderman costume to your shopping cart here for AED 166.95, or if your child is a bigger fan of the Miles Morales version, check out the sleek black and red costume here for AED 93.

Kids Halloween Costumes Buying Guide: Superheros

DC Heroes

1. Superman

Promising Amazon reviews: "I thought this was great quality for the post-Halloween price I got it for, and my little 2 year old Superhero is a happy boy! The cape is attached better than a lot of costumes we've had (velcros on almost on the front of the shoulders so he really "feels" the cape more than capes that attach on the back of shoulders) He loves the "BIG muscles!" he has when he wears this. The only problem is that it's a little too realistic and he thinks he IS Superman when he dons the outfit. Should come with a warning label- "toddler may attempt impossible feats while wearing".....he climbs up on the furniture and jumps off in attempt to fly...luckily we haven't landed in the ER yet!"

Purchase the Superman costume from Amazon from AED 161

2. Batman

Dark and broody, this Gotham-dwelling superhero of the night is a perfect fit for Halloween.

Available on Amazon for AED 99

3. Wonder Woman

Give your little one a chance to be DC's strongest and most beloved superheroine of all time. Complete the look with her handy Lasso of Truth!

Available on Amazon from AED 158

The Super DC Heroes cartoon version is also available from AED 92

4. Flash

Does your child have a need for speed? This Flash costume is perfect for any child who can't keep still.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 129

5. Aquaman

But if swimming is more their thing, Aquaman is the superhero for them. Born as the half-human prince of the underwater city Atlantis, it's an ideal Halloween outfit for any water-loving kid.

Add it to your Amazon cart from AED 104

6. Robin

Robin's not just Batman's sidekick, he's also the leader of the Teen Titans - a favourite group of young superheroes among kids. And every trick-or-treat run needs a strong leader.

Buy it from Amazon for AED 84.95

7. Cyborg

Half-human, half cyborg, full-on perfect Halloween costume.

Purchase the costume for AED 110

8. Starfire

Sweet like Halloween candy but packs a punch with the force of a star. Your kid will adore this Starfire costume!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 94.50

9. Batgirl

Originally Batman's female counterpart, Batgirl now owns her identity as one of Gotham's coolest superheroines ever,

Buy it here from AED 177

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