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Perfect Gifts for Every Type of Mother

The gift guide that will make mum say you're her favourite kid, or to subtly drop in your family chat to give loved ones ideas

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30 October 2019

by Clarice Awa
Perfect Gifts for Every Type of Mother

From budget-friendly to splurge-worthy, these are the gifts your mum will love to receive...

While we've outgrown the days where dry pasta art of your mum and a misspelled crayon card made her "aww" in delight, we still want to gift our mother with something that says you love her, genuinely thought of her needs, or that you know who she is as a person.

There are plenty of fantastic options for presents, ranging from playful to thoughtful for every type of mum. Below, we've compiled our suggestions of foolproof gifts for mums, from the beauty and stylish mama to the practical, always-on-the-go mother.

For the mum who loves all things beauty...

1. This moisturising hand cream made with no parabens, chemicals, or mineral oils that will keep mum's hands feeling smooth and soft.

2. If you got it from your momma, it's time to give a bit back and gift her this oil-free, lightweight moisturising lotion from Clinique.

3. A Victoria's Secret velvet lipstick collection that will have her smooch you in gratitude while your siblings look on in envy at how much better your gift is.

4. Carolina Herrera's lux parfum will add the perfect amount of glam to mum's everyday routine, with its mesmerising scent of roasted cocoa, tonka beans, jasmine, and tuberose.

5. For the modern mum, she'll love this addictive blend of sparkling jasmine accord and sleek woods accord.

Amazon review: "This scent is very surprising. It will grow on you as it goes from the top notes to the middle notes and into the bottom notes. It's the type of Eau de Parfum that you apply it and think, no I don't really like that right off the bat...you forget you have it on and wave you arm to reach for something and think, what is that lovely scent I am smelling?! It this Modern Muse that has a strange magic and a lovely drydown scent lingering for hours. It reminds me of a very walking into a very expensive jewelry store or high end boutique kind of scent. It's classy. It smells so nice that I will actually apply it after a bath at night to wear to sleep. I gets lots of compliments. I bought my sister a bottle too for Christmas. And what a wonderful price on here! A wonderful and professional and prompt seller to! ;-)"

6. We love It Comestics' CC Cream because it comes with a lightweight but full-coverage foundation, vitamins, antioxidants, hydrolyzed collagen, niacin, and reduces any signs of wrinkles and fine lines. A must-have for any mum's vanity drawer.

For the mum who's always on the go...

7. If mum's stuck inside the office all day, this handy therapy lamp will brighten up her day as it will recreate the feeling of sitting under the warm sun.

8. A five-year journal so she can take a break from her busy schedule for the much-needed 10-minutes of me-time everyday.

9. A robot vacuum cleaner to sweep up the house for her, so she'll have more time watching her favourite Netflix series or work at home.

10. An essential guide on how not to kill houseplants, perfect for the busy mother whose plant babies may not be thriving...

11. Himalayan bath salts mum can pour into the tub and unwind after a long day, all while nourishing her body with 84 natural viral nutrients.

12. This cordless neck and back massaging pillow will relieve your mum of her aches and pains.

13. A budget-friendly smartwatch to help the modern mum track her daily fitness, workout routine, monitor her heartbeat, and check incoming notifications from her phone if it's too far away.

For the one who's not like a regular mum, she's a cool mum...

14. A vintage-inspired pouch to store random items she'll find. It's great to keep the extra stuff that will find its own place later.

15. A lovely faux leather bracelet that secretly happens to be a backup charging cable, so she's never caught with a dead phone.

16. A switch pad that will remind dog mums if they already fed their furry friend. Now the family pup can't ever trick multiple humans into feeding them second breakfasts or triple dinners.

17. A pair of blue light blocking eyeglasses so can ready her juicy romance novel til late without worry about hurting her eyesight.

18. A handy wireless key finder to save her from spending time looking for her lost keys, glasses, remote, etc.

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