Thousands of Students in the UAE Will Receive Free School Supplies |

Thousands of Students in the UAE Will Receive Free School Supplies

A total of 10,000 schoolchildren from low-income families will benefit

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27 August 2018

Students to Get Free School Supplies in the UAE

Sending children back to school in September can put a financial burden on families, school essentials aren’t cheap and neither is living in Dubai. That’s why as many as 10,000 students from low-income families across the UAE will receive school kits, thanks the 'Volunteer Emirates' initiative by Dubai Cares, which was sponsored by Union Coop.

Pupils from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah will benefit from the back to school kits which support low-income families and ensure that every student has the right tools for the new academic year. On Saturday more than 300 volunteers joined the Dubai Cares team to pack school bags which included essential stationery such as notebooks, colouring pencils, pens and many more supplies.

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Students from the Gulf Model School, HH Shaikh Rashid Pakistani School in Dubai, Radiant School Sharjah, Al Ihsan Charity Association, Al Rashidyah Private School in Ajman and Al Salaf Al Saleh Private School, are among those who will receive back to school kits. The school supplies will be given to children from kindergarten to Grade 12.

The initiative will ease some of the pressure placed on parents and will fully equip kids for the year ahead. The school bags will give students from less privileged backgrounds the same supplies, and therefore the same opportunities, as their peers –without putting a financial strain on their parents.

Students to Get Free School Supplies in Dubai

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