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Travelling With Family? Enjoy Free Airport Taxis Within Terminal 3

You can now breeze through the airport on a free yellow buggy ride

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17 September 2019

Travelling With Family? Enjoy Free Airport Taxis Within Terminal 3

"Wheely" good news for families flying in or out of Dubai...

Dubai International Airport (DXB) has launched a new fleet of 15 free airport taxis for anyone to use while in Gate B, Terminal 3. The news comes as major relief for passengers travelling with children, heaps of luggage, running late, or flying the red-eye, especially in one of the world's most bustling airports.

The new taxiDXB will allow any passenger to cruise around the airport, cutting down travel time from point A to point B, whether it's to quickly reach your departure gate or explore the many retail, leisure, and restaurants options.

The bright yellow buggy cars feature eight seats and will give priority use to families, pregnant passengers, elderly, and people of determination. So if you ever find yourself hands full with the kids, you can find taxiDXB at designated checkpoints in Terminal 3. However, everyone can avail the free service.

Dedicated staff will be available on-site to assist passengers to the nearest airport taxi point and provide more information about the airport taxi.

DXB has plans to expand the airport taxi fleet over the next few months to serve more passengers travelling through the entire airport.

“The introduction of taxiDXB is in direct response to the needs of our customers. The design of DXB’s concourses is very linear, which some customers told us they found hard to manage when they have to reach a gate at the opposite end but lends itself perfectly to a closed-loop buggy service,” said Frank McCrorie, SVP Operations at Dubai Airports.

“We have operated similar services in the past, but this is entirely free for our customers and has proved very popular in the test phase," he added.

The taxiDXB service is part of the airport's plans to enhance itself as a destination for entertainment, culture, and hospitality for travellers.