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7 Ways Your Body Changes After Giving Birth

Hello, stretch marks and cellulite!

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9 July 2017

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8 Ways Your Body Changes After Giving Birth

Women are usually considered to be the stronger sex because they have it in them to bear the pain of pregnancy and labour. However, we think women are the stronger sex because they can deal with the havoc pregnancy can wreak on their bodies.

And while there's no doubt that some women have fab postpartum bodies, here are a few shocks that the average woman can expect post-delivery.

1. A saggy belly

Whether you're underweight, overweight or a normal weight, you are going to have a bit of your belly sag and stick out. This is usually very difficult to lose.

2. Deflated boobs

Especially after breastfeeding for a while, you are going to feel like your boobs are pancakes that you can fold into your bra.

3. Back fat

Even if you are super toned, you can end up with tufts of fat on your back.

4. Stretch marks

This starts in your pregnancy and continues even after giving birth. Wonderful, no?

5. Cellulite

Gaining and losing weight at a rapid rate can cause cellulite to sit pretty on your bum and thighs, especially.

6. Flat bum

Just like your boobs and belly, your butt deflates making it look flat. Cue mom jeans!

7. Varicose veins

Varicose veins, like stretch marks, usually show up when you are pregnant and continue to stick around even post-delivery.