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15 Sure Signs That Can Indicate Pregnancy

Morning sickness? Body tenderness? Mood swings? You might be pregnant….

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8 November 2018

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For mums-to-be who are trying to make a little bundle of joy – your excitement must be all over the place.

And your anxiousness doesn’t help the situation either.

Your thoughts are probably rushing all over the place as you wonder if you’re finally going to grow a little baby inside of you.

This is totally understandable – the internet doesn’t help either as there are so many different articles telling you different things to look out for.

Which is true….there is no set checklist for signs of pregnancy because every woman goes through different symptoms and at different stages of her pregnancy.

However, there are some signs – when put together – can indicate the growth of a little baby inside your body.

So here are 15 sure signs which can indicate that you are pregnant.

1. Swollen and tender breasts

If you’re starting to feel a slight tenderness in your breasts and they’ve become swollen in size, then this can be a common sign of being pregnant.

Breasts usually grow in size and shape as they prepare to produce milk for your little one – which can explain their sensitivity during this time.

2. Darker areolas

Not many women experience this, however, it can be a sure sign of pregnancy.

The circles around a woman’s nipples can widen and get darker when pregnant – this usually happens as the body prepares for your baby.

3. Spotting

Don’t be alarmed if you see some spotting when you’re trying for a baby.

So even if you see some blood or have had a light period and find out you’re pregnant afterwards, it’s completely normal.

Some women will notice slight spotting during the early stages of their pregnancy – this usually happens as the embryo implants itself in the uterus.

4. Frequent urination

If your bladder suddenly feels overwhelmed more frequently, it may point at possible signs of pregnancy.

The uterus, when preparing for a little one, will start to press directly on your bladder…making you hit the toilets a lot more often than usual.

5. Fatigue

You might find that you are suddenly out of energy and this is a common sign of pregnancy.

It takes a lot to make a baby and your body will use up every ounce of energy and most pregnant women record feeling tired around their 12th week of pregnancy.

6. Nausea

Can’t seem to keep any food down? Nausea is a common symptom of being pregnant and it’s caused by a hormonal increase in the body.

Not all women experience morning sickness, however, almost 80% do – which means it’s a clear sign of pregnancy.

7. Smell sensitivity

If you find yourself disliking a scent that you used to love or feel nauseous at the smell of certain foods, then you’re probably pregnant.

A lot of women develop a heightened sense of smell during their pregnancy, which explains their pickiness to certain smells.

8. Increased basal temperature

A sure sign that you may be pregnant is a noticeable increase in your basal temperature.

When your body is welcoming your baby, there is a recorded increase of one degree that can last for weeks after the ovulation period which is described as a sudden dip in temperature.

9. Missed periods

A missed period is what women usually associate with a pregnancy – a period may be late or women may experience an absent period for some time.

However, a missed period doesn’t mean that you are pregnant….just like spotting doesn’t mean you are not pregnant.

A lot of factors can influence your period, including stress, diet or an irregular period.

10. Weird cravings

When your body is prepping itself for your little one, you may notice an unusual hunger or odd cravings.

Your body may crave the oddest of combinations and that’s completely normal – it’s just trying to feed itself extra calories to care for your baby.

11. Headaches

Headaches can increase when pregnant because some women can get a hormonal migraine due to the increase of hormone levels in the body.

And they may be more frequent during the early stages of your pregnancy.

12. Mood swings

Not all women experience different moods when pregnant, but some women may experience a variety of emotions when carrying a little one.

The body is bombarded with emotions and hormones and expressing those moods is just the body’s way of adjusting and changing to house your baby.

13. Feeling dizzy

Some women complain of faint feelings when pregnant, often including faster heartbeats, low blood pressure and dizziness during their pregnancy.

14. Unusual taste in mouth

Pregnant women may start to notice an odd taste in their mouths, describing an almost metallic taste.

15. More dreams

It is said that dreams may become more frequent when pregnant and may become more vivid and intense too.