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20 Indian-Muslim Baby Names

We've gathered 20 Indian-Muslim baby boy and girl names for you to consider

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19 October 2017

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20 Indian-Muslim Baby Names

Finding the perfect name for your newborn can be tricky, especially if you’re opting for a name that holds a spiritual meaning or theme.

And what makes things even trickier, trying to find an English Indian baby name, that holds a Muslim theme or meaning. But worry no more, as we've gathered a list of Indian-Muslim baby names to help you out, with their meanings.

Indian-Muslim Baby Boy Names:

  1. Akbar: the powerful, the great
  2. Akhtar: a star, a good man
  3. Akram: the most generous
  4. Amaan: Peace, the most loveable
  5. Amzad: more glorious
  6. Habibullah: the beloved of god
  7. Hassan: good, handsome
  8. Iqbal: prosperity
  9. Javed: immortal, eternal
  10. Mehaboob: the loved one

Indian-Muslim Baby Girl Names:

  1. Aiya: verses in the Quran, miracle
  2. Aisha: living, prosperous, wife of prophet Mohammad
  3. Asma: precious, superior, daughter of Abu Bakir
  4. Doaa: a prayer, request from god
  5. Batool: virgin, devoted to god
  6. Amira: princess, royal lady
  7. Afifa: virtuous, honest
  8. Ameena: trustworthy, honest
  9. Ozra: virgin, virgin Mary
  10. Taiba: kind, virtuous