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20 Most Popular Indian Baby Names

Having a hard time in finding the perfect Indian name? Check these out...

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17 October 2017

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20 Most Popular Indian Baby Names You Will Love

Some parents get very thoughtful when trying to find the best name for their soon-to-be-born tot, as the meaning of the name, background, theme, and origin are altogether taken into perspective during the process.

And for parents who’re opting for an Indian name, we’ve gathered a list of the most popular baby names of the last couple of years, along with their meanings, origins, and themes:

Baby Boy Name:

  1. Muhammad

    This one is popular among Indian Muslim parents. It means “the praised one.” It holds a classic, spiritual theme. And it descends from an Arabic origin.

  2. Aarav

    Meaning “Peaceful, and wisdom,” Aarav is becoming very popular as an Indian baby boy name that holds a sort of modern, yet classic theme.

  3. Vivaan

    This name is very common between Indian parents, as it means “the first rays of sun,” and has a musical theme, and Hindi origin.

  4. Vihaan

    And if you already named your elder son Vivaan, you can go for Vihaan with his next sibling, as this name means “Dawn, or beginning of a new era.”

  5. Aditya

    A very common name as well, and it means “the sun, or beginning,” and it’s a classic one.

  6. Sai

    This name holds a divine meaning, as it literally means “divine.” It’s a classic Hindi name.

  7. Arjun

    This name means “honor, bright, and courageous.” And it’s a classic one. So if you’d like your baby to carry these traits, this name might be the one.

  8. Siddharth

    This name is an evergreen choice for Indian parents, as it means “the one who has many accomplishments to his credit.”

  9. Ayaan

    This classic one is popular among both Hindu and Muslim Indian parents, as it means “the praised one.”

  10. Arnav

    This name is inspired by nature, as it means “the ocean.”

Baby Girl Names:

  1. Aabha

    Descending from a Sanskrit origin, this name means “glow,” and holds a cool and creative theme.

  2. Aakanksha

    As many parents find hope and a desire for life in their babies, you can name your newborn “Aakanksha” which means “hope and desire.”

  3. Aakriti

    Also descending from a Sanskrit origin, this name is a classic one, but still very common between Indian parents. And it means “shape.”

  4. Aarushi

    Meaning “first rays of sun,” this name is getting more popular each year in India.

  5. Aditi

    A simple, sweet, and short name, yet still very popular; this name means “freedom, security, boundless, or entire.” And it has a Sanskrit origin.

  6. Adya

    Are you having your first baby girl? You can name her Adya, as this name means “first” in Sanskrit.

  7. Aisha

    All parents wish their children “prosperity,” and therefore, the name Aisha is getting more popular as it means “prosperous.”

  8. Amna

    A very common name as well, as it means “safety, peace, security.” And has an Arabic origin.

  9. Bodhi

    This name embraces the beautiful trappings of Buddhism, as it means “enlightenment,” and refers to the Bodhi tree.

  10. Aahna

    This name means “exist,” and it’s gaining a lot of popularity in India and among Indian parents all around the world.